As the game player Joker announced the endorsement endorsement asked the brand puritans pride

As the game player Joker announced the endorsement endorsement "asked" the brand introduction: today, the thunder game and Guangyu game jointly announced in 2016 the fire red satin hand, Joker served as the prince of love songs "asked" the brand spokesperson, in addition, "asked" Mobile Games 2016 year edition on December 1st beta, the official website of the reservation is now open. "Asked" the end of the tour the annual expansion will also in December blockbuster beta. For the moment the most fiery star, Joker served as the spokesperson "asked" the double end end of the tour and Mobile Games, what would be different? The thunder game and Guangyu game of the two companies, whether through this brand linkage, to jointly promote the "ask" this classic IP brand operation? Above questions, can not help but a variety of reverie. I only speak [is] game player game player Joker asked as a "serious" famous professional singer, Joker is also invested in the game. According to staff, the first contact "asked" Mobile Games, he spent 10 hours in the depth of the demo of the game. To know more about "asked" the double end products, Joker experience in spare time login client game, to communicate with the game player. As for music attitude Joker speak up strict in demands, especially the pursuit of game, game player experience, he stressed that he is a game player, he is particularly concerned about the focus on the game player feeling and pursuit of the quality of the game. Joker also said, "ask" the R & D personnel ten years of product focus and game player of the game for ten years to ten years, he is fit to the pursuit of music, which is why he chose to speak "asked" the. "I only for the game player endorsements, Joker said, is to do so. [brand Joker first poster costume styling exposure] announced the endorsement at the same time, Joker exposure since the debut of the first costume styling, he played the game "asked" the most classic "golden boy" and "fire man" to meet with each game player. The other man dressed in gold shirt, storm pear gun Hongying like blood, qiyuxuanang, and Joker had very different image but not broken; and the fire man a free fan, graceful bearing, a pair of feelings, is worthy of the game play value yan! A cold and warm, just with a soft, presumably the costume first show will be able to cause a stir fans. Joker "asked" brand poster – hyottoko Joker "asked" brand poster – Golden male [Mobile Games annual edition exclusive gift promotions beta soon Joker] "asked" Mobile Games year edition on December 1st beta, the new version has been open appointment today. The end of the tour the annual expansion will also in December blockbuster beta. As the "ask" the whole brand spokesperson, Joker also brings multiple benefits — autographed photos, the latest album, the mystery surrounding the customized game player, more game star spree waiting for you to come! So what, come and Joker together in Zhongzhou! Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: