Army not vacate over occupied housing cadres must be removed before postprocessing doat

Army: not vacate over occupied housing cadres must be removed before postprocessing the Liberation Army Daily News November 7th, "in the office? I hand in the house key!" Not long ago, a just transferred to neighboring units division level cadres take the initiative to contact the South China Sea Fleet base camp assistant Huang Rongyu, vacate the apartment. This year, Huang Rongyu had to clean up the apartment tenants are removed from the job of leading cadres, have retired cadres and cadres, actively cooperate with the relevant personnel, no conditions, odds. Don’t fiddle, not red. Now, smooth work room let Huang Rongyu transported with joy, he said with deep feeling: "since the Gutian military Union held a series of rules and regulations have been introduced, leading by example, authorities under the above rate, everyone knows illegally occupied housing is a high voltage line" charged, housing is no longer a ‘headache’." In previous years, for repaying some illegal residents, Huang Rongyu often touch the wall "". No matter how they move, Daniel, Ming, many people always "bu", "people have changed, some complain, some even out of the fickleness of the world". Base has repeatedly organized clean-up, but the problem can not be bottomed out". Data figure housing this "stubborn" hard in where? A group of army political commissar bluntly: apartment is security in army staff living off housing, but it is as their own private property, resulting in a part of the officers and men to meet the distribution conditions can not be normal to the housing. An assistant Frank: base located in winter vacation, tourism, resort, where prices have been high, individual transfers, retired and demobilized army cadres who go home do not move along with the emergence of high priced rental "real profit", "winter to spring to the real birds". With the housing clean-up remediation work carried out in-depth, issued a strictly implement the file, make a base for the Party committee more emboldened, insistence: clean room, related to the vital interests of the officers and soldiers, is a big test of the style of construction, some Kan must live, must break some beach! Strictly on the start, to focus on. From the first base party strictly, strictly abide by the consciousness of housing policies and regulations, gradually clear division of labor, signed letters of responsibility, junlingzhuang. Take "to the house looking for people to people rounds, each unit, and one by one to verify the registration, fully ascertain the base housing situation and individual housing information, and the screening of illegal household register, one by one. The fails to vacate illegally occupied housing cadres, the unit shall be removed before postprocessing, has been removed from the reporting unit and the Commission for Discipline inspection. This is the real thing, the real return is not absolutely not!" A violation of housing accounted for in-service cadres admitted, learn about the housing problem of superiors to dispose of the bulletin, understand the relevant case army handling violations over occupied housing, he and other violations of the cadres, deeply felt the iron regulatory force, ban Wai, the initiative to hand on the key. However, the causes of housing complex, long time, individual "nail households" family relationship is still luck, wait and see. A retired cadres, the allocation of affordable housing in the base of the original public"相关的主题文章: