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Business When someone is using a Los Angeles courier service for the first time, they likely find them via either an ad in the yellow pages or through the .pany’s website. Both of these resources are likely to have specials, rates and the services that are offered by the .pany mentioned. However, for people that may not have used a Los Angeles courier service in the past, they may often have some questions about the things they see posted on a web page or in an advertisement. For example, quite a few courier services will often post that they offer something like a same day delivery service, or even a one hour delivery option. Many people wonder if these times are guaranteed. A reputable delivery .pany will be able to tell you, if you call them, whether and how their services are guaranteed but there are some general things to be aware of. Generally, a courier service can usually guarantee same day delivery but they may have a number of caveats that are included as a part of their guarantee. This could include items like exemption from penalty due to the guarantee in the event of natural disasters or weather related delays. Most of the courier services trying to gain new clients want to use guarantees like this to try to attract customers, but most are also very careful about ensuring that they won’t face too many angry customers without having their legal minutia in the guarantee well thought out beforehand. There are .panies that will honor their guarantees though and if, for some reason that is not covered in their terms of service, your delivery is late they will often waive the charges agreed upon under the terms of the guarantee. One hour transit times are even more .plicated in terms of the definition attached to the average terms of the guarantee that would be offered by most reputable courier service. Because one hour is a very short period of time, most courier and delivery .panies are aware that many things could cause a delay which would cause the package to be late. That is why these guarantees often contain the caveat that they are only valid during certain hours of the day, usually when traffic is the lightest in the city. This ensures that customers are getting a valid guarantee, but also that the .pany is not making promises that they could not easily keep. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: