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Apple Watch2 buy? Let me consider the Ticwatch- Sohu technology today Apple watch Apple Watch 2 to be pre-sale? You wait and see this article, and then decide whether to buy. No matter how to ridicule, whenever the Apple Corp launched new products — this is the iPhone7 Apple Watch 2, we have become accustomed to "buy buy buy". However, for wearable devices – smart watches Apple Watch2, the situation seems to become less clear. Obviously, Cook led Apple Corp is not under the leadership of Jobs led the trend of science and technology era". One of the most objective and simple examples of the rapid decline in Apple watch 2 concerns is that the Baidu index of Apple Watch 2 is not as good as before. Baidu index is a response to a product by the degree of concern, the degree of love reference. September 2014, Apple Watch 1 release, Baidu index peak reached 1 million, while yesterday’s Apple Watch release, Baidu index peak of only, two years ago, Apple Watch of the 1 generation of the 150! In other words, we do not like apple watches Apple Watch. Compared with the Apple Watch 1 generation, Apple Watch Series 2 in the hardware configuration of the more obvious improvement in the outdoor screen brightness is higher, 50 meters waterproof reassuring, built-in GPS makes the scene more independent outdoor sports. However, taking into account the use of smart watches more common situation, look at the drawer to stay in the ashes to eat Apple Watch 1 generation, want to upgrade the power does not seem so full. Although the sales of Apple Watch 1 generation can, but at the user level, from the real experience, more people on Apple Watch feedback is not easy to use or no eggs". About Apple Watch innovation? It is really to the point where the end of hills and rivers. From micro-blog, circle of friends Tucao can be seen. In particular, the collective evaluation of the media: Apple Conference opened like millet. Media Tucao Apple watch if you like smart watches, is to buy, consider other brands, such as Ticwatch 2. From the earliest speech recognition, semantic analysis and vertical search technology accumulation start, then fall to smart watches most close, the formation of Chinese voice interaction characteristic, in the small screen smart watch is a very practical and natural interactive mode. Thus, Ticwatch2 is more like an intimate AI housekeeper, help you schedule management, personal affairs, raising a word can create reminders, navigation, search nearby restaurants etc.. Really experience it will be found, which is different from other chat selling MOE voice assistant has a different nature. At the beginning of June this year released.相关的主题文章: