Analysis Of The Principle Of Industrial Raymond Mill-e3300

Business Industry Raymond mill For gypsum, talc , calcite, limestone, marble and other minerals grinding , Raymond finished in 613 micron fineness~ 440 microns ( 0.613 mm -0.44 mm) between the analysis machine and fan interaction , can be used to satisfy different users Request . Taking into account the special needs of the user walks , Dawn Heavy Raymond very solid frame design , so additional equipment is not always move Devices only need to lay a foundation of hard and flat on the ground can be , if the fixed installation , the best hit concrete foundation . Installation, see According to installation diagram below . Steady and regular first host , and then raise funds to install fans , cyclone separator and the connection air duct . The connection method Blue asbestos rope between the need to use rubber or foam seal , and then , and then mixing white latex and talc powder into a paste , strict sealing For the job so as not to affect the production of gas leakage . Raymond mill ,In addition to the top of the sliding bearing spindle , the other transmission parts for rolling bearings , lubrication must be in good running condition Will damage the bearings and shorten the service life . Maintenance is as follows: spindle oil time once per shift , it must be noted , found that oilCup oil loss or loss is not too slow , they should immediately wash the oil Road , together with 50 # machine oil, spindle oil cup position in the top , bottom spindle Block bearings, roller shaft bearings with grease gun filling each class 3 # lithium based grease once every six months apart bearing analyzer washed once ,To add a little 3 # lithium grease, fan bearings room plus lithium grease . Raymond mill for bidden piece of metal into the machine will damage the grinding roller and grinding ring , and even center hanger and so on . Raymond mill feeding should be uniform , not erratic . Feeding too much will be blocked air duct , lower yield, easy to burn out motor, charging too little Will support production . Feed size : hard material in the diameters less than 15 mm, suitable , flexible material for 20 mm diameter , non- bulk material increases Into the machine . Raymond mill attention to detail : Air volume control : in the fan intake manifold on the air volume control valve , generally open to the maximum position , according to fineness , yield adjustments required. Exports in the exhaust pipe on the exhaust valve , transferred into the feed opening can be no dust emission . Air volume is small, thin and high . It should be noted ,Air volume is too small , the host within the trade wind tunnel below the sediment material , please adjust . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: