An Afghan Taliban leader was killed when he made an explosive device

An Afghan Taliban leader was killed when an explosive device made of the original title: an Afghan Taliban leader made explosive devices were killed in November 7, Xinhua news agency, Kabul (reporter generation he Jiang Chao) Afghan police said 7 rebels in Taliban organized a project on the evening of 6 bombing in the northern province of Kunduz died. Kunduz provincial police spokesman Akbari confirmed to Xinhua News Agency reporters, was killed by the Taliban leader called Jiao ben. He and three of his accomplices in the northern part of the province in the Archie area in the manufacture of improvised explosive devices, may be due to operational errors caused by the explosion, killing four people on the spot. Police also said that coke had previously planned and participated in a number of attacks launched in Kunduz province. Currently, Taliban has not made any comment on this message. According to local media, Herta news agency, 7, reported that nearly two days, there have been as many as 5 local leaders in Kunduz Province in Taliban and the militants were killed in a firefight with the security forces in iraq. Kunduz’s strategic position is one of the most active areas in Taliban. In order to prevent the deterioration of the security situation in Afghanistan, the security forces recently strengthened in the local efforts to suppress. Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: