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Almost at the same time sacked two "tiger" and was also convicted of Sohu news January 2015, Gansu "tiger" – former deputy director of the Standing Committee Lu Wucheng sacked; in March 2015, Xinjiang "tiger" – former deputy director of the Autonomous Region People’s Congress Standing Committee Li Zhi ma. And 2 days ago, almost sacked the first tiger, and was sentenced to two. Lu Wucheng jailed for 12 and a half years, Li Zhi jailed for 12 years, the same outcome strikingly similar. Chang’an Avenue governor APP found that the similarities between the two is far more than that. Lu Wucheng, Li Zhi so far, Lu Wucheng is the only one in Gansu, the provincial and ministerial level officials sacked, Li Zhi is the only one in Xinjiang, the provincial and ministerial level officials sacked, and were relegated to second tier after checked. Lu Wucheng served as the Gansu provincial Party Secretary of Lanzhou for 4 years, Li Zhi served as party secretary of Urumqi provincial capital of Xinjiang for 2 years, on the record, the post office has not left the province, is a native of local strength. Slightly different, although two people of similar age, the amount of money involved are similar, but the corruption from time. Xi’an City Intermediate People’s court found: 2006 to 2014, the defendant Lu Wucheng during the post as vice governor of Gansu Provincial People’s government, the CPC Gansu Provincial Committee and party secretary of Lanzhou, Gansu Province, deputy director of the NPC Standing Committee, the use of his office, for the benefit of others in project development, planning, promotion and other matters. Accept bribes totaling RMB about 16260000 yuan. Xining City Intermediate People’s court found: 1996 to 2013, the defendant Li Zhi in Xinjiang light industry Limited by Share Ltd chairman, party secretary, office of the CPC Bortala Mongolia Autonomous Prefecture of the Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture Party committee secretary of the CPC, party secretary Wu Chang, Secretary of the CPC Urumqi municipal Party members, deputy director of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region people’s Congress, during the use of his office and in the project contract, land development, promotion and other matters for the benefit of others, obtain and illegally accepting other people’s property, amounting to a total of about 13190000 yuan. In contrast it is not difficult to find, Li Zhi began in a bureau level cadres involved in corruption, corruption continues for a period of 17 years; Lu Wucheng began involving corruption in a ministerial level cadres, corruption 8 years. Although when the deputy department after involved in corruption, but the character, Lu Wucheng go astray is not surprising, the media reported that he was able to engage in the relationship ", was transferred to the rich" nickel "in Jinchang and became a city, thanks to his" relations". After serving the Jinchang municipal Party committee secretary, he had dinner in the use of gold tableware. As the Commission for Discipline Inspection special film forever on the road, as the analysis, and finally sacked cadres, mostly from the style of the problem began. In addition, Lu Wucheng is also a family tradition is not typical. According to media reports, Lu Wucheng has three times directly or through his wife Ma Ping received a corporate executive money, help its promotion office. Gaolan county Party Secretary Zong Mande, in order to promotion, Lu Wucheng also gives his wife Ma Ping or a total of 400 thousand yuan. The governor of Chang’an Avenue APP.相关的主题文章: