Affected by the property market regulation of the new deal golden week house enthusiasm plummeted oboni

Affected by the new regulation of the property market, the impact of the golden week house hot sudden decline in the property market for several months, perhaps the need to control the new deal pouring a pot of cold water. From the agency statistics show that just past September, the Beijing property market Golden full, second-hand housing turnover of 30516 sets. This has also become the second second-hand housing transactions in 2016 broke the 30 thousand month. Second hand housing market volume and price rise with the new site of the market, luxury, Beijing property market has entered the era of housing stock. Just the past "Kim Gu" is so. According to the statistics of the Central Plains real estate research center shows that in September, Beijing new commercial housing contract total only 5525 sets of second-hand housing net signed volume is as high as 30516 sets of second-hand housing turnover is about 5.46 times of the new premises. 30516 sets of transaction data, not only in August rose by 25670 sets of the same period in September 2015, up from the previous year’s 17888 units, turnover is up to more than 70.6%. This is the second in 2016 after the year, the emergence of second-hand housing turnover in the first half of the year exceeded 30 thousand sets of second. From the transaction price point of view, the secondary housing market is also rising. According to statistics, in September the average price of second-hand housing in Beijing reached 44 thousand and 200 yuan square meters, the chain rose by 4% in August, after only in March this year. September property market ‘volume and price Qi’, in addition to the market supply and demand for the reasons for the tension, and credit has a great relationship." Beijing Zhongyuan Real estate market director Zhang Dawei told reporters, but also because of concern about rising prices, Beijing introduced the country’s most stringent regulation of the new deal. The night before the agency signed the reporter noted that in September of second-hand housing net signed in September 30th, its contribution is not small, statistics show that only 3252 sets of net signed on September 30th. The reporter learned from the market, the night of September 30th, Beijing introduced the "new Beijing eight, brokerage net signed all night. "Because according to the implementation of the new time, before September 30th 24 net signed, the purchase can according to the past 30% down payment for a loan." According to relevant sources, has completed the purchase qualification examination and verification of housing, but has yet to submit a signed list, all submitted net signed in the evening. Intermediary stores holiday work early "the introduction of the Beijing property market regulation policy, execution is the most stringent restriction limited credit policy, land price, believe that can inhibit the rapid rise in prices, stabilize market expectations, and guide the rational return of market." Albert I love my family group vice president Hu Jinghui evaluation. Yesterday, the reporter also visited a number of intermediary stores, found that some stores in the evening 8 points have been closed. "The market listing from at the beginning of the month is more intense, plus the new deal a substantial increase in the threshold Shoufu, many of the original intention of the showings are affected, enthusiasm showings also fell sharply." A broker told reporters that from October 1st to 3, the three day, many brokers basically no customers can take a look, so they chose to go home early.相关的主题文章: