A security official in more than 30 years of Hunan University open end personal exhibition (video) g227

A security official in more than 30 years of Hunan University eventually open the original title: Inspirational personal exhibition! Hunan University security brother 30 years finally opened a personal exhibition dragon Changsha palm Changsha evening news November 5th college campus security has always been a "magic" group: Tsinghua library security "Ceng class" Self-study University; university security team has more than 500 members of the security examination and further study; learning English for the students of Zhongshan University security Chinese tutorial married to the Swedish wife…… Hunan University also has a "legend" security Shengxi Jiang He was 9 years old, fell in love with the dragon, diligently for 30 years, has finally been Hunan University doctoral tutor Chen Feihu received as a supernumerary disciple". Today, Hunan University held an exhibition of his personal dragon figure. Walk into the old library of Hunan University exhibition hall, more than and 90 different forms of Dragon Figure vividly before us. One of the biggest piece of "Qi Cheng Tianyu", 1.2 long, 0.8 meters wide, took 3 months to complete. Jiang Shengxi is the security of the office building of Hunan University. He started a clumsy in penmanship from the age of 9, has been painted 30 years long, the creation of "dragon" hundreds of pieces. Jiang Shengxi told reporters that the shape of the dragon, symbol, he is mainly completed by imagination, and even sleep he is pondering the image of the dragon. From the surface, the deer tiger must, the snake god, to scale, Eagle catch, dragon ball, he is a carefully drawn. From the ordinary A4 to one meter tall paper, from water pen, brush, pen, pen, ball pen, fluorescent pigment pen, Jiang Shengxi constantly trying to create "Dragon Ball", "dragon surprised cloud", "dragon Ying Zhaohui" and a picture of a variety of works. Born in Huaihua, Chenxi River, from childhood love painting. 2005 to enter the security team of Hunan University. It is here that the unknown "maxima" encountered in his life "Bole" – tutor Professor of School of architecture, the school doctor Chen Feihu. Under the guidance of the "master", in the shape, color, composition and painting materials, the dragon has made a breakthrough, which makes the color of the Dragon diagram richer and more flexible. Vice chairman, Hunan Province Artists Association Lake School of architecture professor Chen Feihu praised the supernumerary disciple "dragon": "every piece has a different composition, different colors, different attitude, different combinations." Professor Chen Feihu said in the preface Shengxi Jiang works: "in its significance lies not in his works, that we should see in the universities, in the experts, in addition to we recognized the so-called group of artists, there are a number of people to art can not be ignored." Many people commented on the campus security inspirational story tells us: as long as willing to work hard, who can be a legend. (reporter Xu Yuan) recommended Video: Hunan, a police car on the bridge accounted for the speed of Hanshou police questioned the legitimate but flawed相关的主题文章: