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A man without telling his girlfriend to pretend to live in the hotel to steal only more than and 10 days before the Pirates of Wuhan evening news (reporter Tao thoroughly for correspondent Zhang Jiaguo) with her boyfriend around chic, but not a lot of money was stolen. The man pretended to be locked in the card room, get the hotel total card theft, the next room property totaling more than 1 yuan. The day before yesterday, Wang was detained by the police in jianghan. "My boyfriend is with me every day, how could it be a thief?" Faced with the fact that her boyfriend was arrested, Li did not believe. Until her boyfriend personally confessed, Mike: see light suddenly boyfriend was actually stealing money money. Xiao Li and Wang met when working. In mid August, two people in a small hotel near the HanKou Railway Station to live for more than and 10 days. August 23rd evening 9 points, Wang came to the service desk, said the room locked in the door, because he has lived for the past more than and 10 days, the waiter knew him, so did not think, will give him a total card. Wang lived in 301, but went straight to 306, will be 2000 yuan in cash in the room, stole a total value of about 8000 yuan in 2, 2 and 1 ring earrings of mobile phone. Subsequently, Wang returned to his room, that careful not to damage the hotel facilities, to quickly check out what Li qing. The next day, Wang to Wuchang will be stolen goods when 2000 yuan. 306 of the tenants came back and found no money, immediately to the police. The Public Security Bureau police station the police rushed to the scene, surveillance, Wang clear images are acquired, but according to registration ID information, found that the face of the huge gap between the original, Wang used a false identity card registration, but Li registration information is true. Police immediately rushed to Mike’s hometown of Jiangsu, Changzhou, but the two have left. Mike’s friend told the police Wang’s real name and location of his hometown, but I do not know where to go. October 25th, the police received a message, Wang took his girlfriend back to his hometown in Jingzhou, immediately went to. Wang loves the Internet, the internet police squat, and finally in the afternoon of the 26 day, it will be captured. According to Wang explained that he lived in the hotel for more than and 10 days, in order to find out the time and economic conditions of other tenants, in order to take the opportunity to commit crimes.相关的主题文章: