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Creativity: a father with a child will be a stone into a treasure tomorrow is national day, ready to play with the children? Today and you share 1 American father and 6 children with the creation of the awesome treasure hunt! The United States has 1 fathers, with 6 children, with the color of the painting, the theme of the stones of the small monster, a total of 7 theme colors, each of them has its own exclusive color, the color of the color of the theme, the color of the color, the color of each of the 1000 colors! Belong to the Yellow dad, daughter Maggie is red, her daughter Evie is purple, green is the son of Elijah, daughter of Lily Grace daughter is pink, orange, blue is the son of Isaac, after 12 months of painstaking creation, finally completed the 1000 stone monster feat, but even more amazing is that the stone pattern one base, stone paint, in each of them out of a piece of stone, a total of up to 500 pieces of stone, placed in the state of Michigan Grand Rapids children’s Museum exhibition, another 500 pieces of stone? They were hiding in the museum around, let the children to find, some hidden in a statue, some hidden in the building of the LOGO, some hidden in the river, some hidden in the trees, some hidden in the zoo, some hidden in the side of the road, the rules of the game is that if someone found a matching stone and upload photos to social networks, and a #RockAroundGR label. After the event came out, immediately opened the pot in the local! It is said that the thunder encroaching worldwide Pokemon GO Pokemon game! Not only the children go crazy, adults also spare no effort, even the park also boasts a stone hiding proud feeling, "the super lovely stone, stole my heart!" In fact, I want to say, not only your heart was stolen, my heart will follow the melting… ^_^ (Disclaimer: This article represents only the views of the author and do not represent the position of sina.com.cn.)相关的主题文章: