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The 92 consensus " the four words " " group of Taiwan Taiwan society; " disease; Sohu – Military Channel text with map: Taiwan enterprises alliance chairman Wang Pingsheng interview. "92 consensus", a Chinese concept so clear, why can’t speak? Taiwan society is really sick!" Wang Pingsheng, chairman of the Taiwan business alliance in Taiwan Taiwan attended the forum could not help but shooting. Taiwan, the SEF held before the Mid Autumn Festival, Taiwan Forum activities, the new chairman Tian Hongmao in an interview, to avoid the use of "92 consensus", and to "the four words" instead of. This makes the two sides of the Taiwan Strait on behalf of the peaceful development of Taiwan’s mainland groups extremely dissatisfied. Wang Pingsheng stressed that cross-strait exchanges interrupted, not only the impact of Taiwan businessmen, the damage to Taiwan is also very large, the two exchanges must be restored to the previous normal situation, is the real situation to maintain the status quo". The reason for the cross-strait exchange interruption is known to be stuck in the Taiwan authorities refused to recognize the 92 consensus". In the face of Taiwan voice read back to the Taiwan authorities for Cai Yingwen 14, not by the strong typhoon Meranti, to Taichung in mainland China mid autumn festival recreational activities. Although the media used "regardless of the weather" to describe, but Taiwanese population seems not to buy her face. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other major city of the Taiwanese president did not attend, the day before the visit Taiwan enterprises Chinese KMT chairman Hong Xiuzhu the honorary president Zhang Hanwen has been absent. Compared to the past more than and 20 tables Ma Ying-Jeou frequently dinner, this year only dinner table, the scene is indeed much longer than in the past 10. Cai Yingwen reiterated in his speech that the authorities to maintain a peaceful and stable development of cross-strait determination has not waver, will make the greatest efforts to promote cross-strait interaction, establish a pragmatic and enduring cross-strait relations. Despite the high attitude, but the lack of sincerity. Will China Merchants once again asked the DPP authorities recognized the "92 consensus". The authorities responsible for face Taiwan sea NPC and CPPCC voice still read back". Tian even when asked not to mention the 92 consensus of the four words, only that the authorities will explore various alternatives. Then the Army Committee Chairman Zhang Xiaoyue said in an interview, also reiterated that the authorities have advocated only Cai, said do not deny 1992 communication. Everything is a copy, a commonplace talk of an old scholar. According to the participants reporting, and SEF closed door discussion, although Wang Pingsheng spoke briefly, but reiterated that the "92 consensus" can’t understand why can’t speak. He then referred to the media when he mentioned this topic again, causing some of the government’s senior unhappy, that the move is not necessary, more private anti choking, the government does not understand the situation on both sides of it?" The question is, since you know, why do you deal with this? In the face of the "92 consensus" almost silencing, Taiwan have more chilling, privately have said that the attitude of the authorities since Cai activities attended the Spring Festival I am still my old self., meaningless, or the same problem. Is the "independence" of thinking and green coerced Wang Pingsheng pointed out that the mainland is now the second largest economy in the world, can not be ignored, expect new authorities to develop the economy of Taiwan, and the mainland exchanges and cooperation is beneficial to Taiwan. He.相关的主题文章: