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7 days post: Russell nightclubs refused to admit that Shaq career – Sports Sohu Beijing time on September 7th, NBA is still in the off-season, this morning the main news: the Lakers Russell nightclub refused the Lakers young Dan Gilo – Russell local time on Saturday and several other players want to go to the NBA Warwick nightclub in Losangeles. But Russell was not allowed to enter. Why Russell did not enter the club is at least 21 years old people to enter, but Russell is only 20 years old. Last season, Russell averaged for 28.2 minutes, 3.3 points and 3.4 rebounds can contribute 13.2 assists and 1.2 steals. Shaq had only 30% career regret strength O’neal is one of the greatest center of history, but he said he only played 30% recent strength, Austria fat regret did not show all career talent, Shaq said: "I only played 30% strength in the real game, I have a great occupation career, but no fully show what you have. Because the opponent is always very quick to me double, three people. I only keep inside show dominance, in fact I have the ability to Akira outside defensive player, able to dribble, I never got that chance, so I have to try my best to be the most dominant player." Jefferson early show championship ring Cleveland Cavaliers veteran Richard – Jefferson in the social media on the early show championship rings, in his snapchat (burn after reading) software, show the diamond ring, above the ancient Rome number " LII", the number is 52, "52" on behalf of the Cavaliers Cleveland break 52 years without a crown of history. The Cavaliers will win the championship in October 26th and Nicks in New York to win the championship last season. Rivers ray Allen revealed an alarming state clippers coach Mike Ruddock – Rivers revealed that the former disciple of ray Allen in good physical condition, can adapt to the game NBA. Allen since the 13-14 season after exit NBA, Rivers said: "if Allen wanted to play, he can return to the game, ray Allen state is amazing, can even in the League before five, I do not know how to keep him." Rivers will not disclose more information about Allen, last week, Mr Allen had considered returning to NBA. The warriors, Cavaliers last season to participate in the finals of the two teams are interested in Allen, but Ray – Allen I tend to have played for the bucks and the celtics. (CHE)相关的主题文章: