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Computers-and-Technology Since its introduction, AirDrop has become one of the most favored file sharing service among Apple users. However, it might happen that one fine day you realize that your AirDrop is not functioning. After all, its a technical service, and something might go wrong with it. In that case, you can use the tips mentioned below and troubleshoot the problems with AirDrop on a Mac or iOS device. AirDrop, introduced by Apple in OS X Lion (10.7), now supports the communication between Mac and iOS devices. Prior to Yosemite and iOS 8, only AirDrop from Mac to Mac and AirDrop from iOS to iOS device was feasible. Using the Wi-Fi or the Bluetooth, you can easily AirDrop between Macs, iOS devices or between Mac and iOS and vice versa. It is a highly preferable service because it supports quick files transfer that too without configuring or changing server settings. Troubleshooting AirDrop 1.Check the Basics First To use AirDrop on Mac, you need to turn on both the Bluetooth and Wireless connections. Thus, first check that both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned on. You can access both the services from the Control Center and can power them on. 2.Check the AirDrop is On Next, you need to check the AirDrop service itself. Sometimes, users try to use AirDrop functionalities without realizing that the feature itself is turned off. Whereas some users think that turning on the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth will turn on AirDrop also, which is actually not true. Thus, if you are failing in using AirDrop on iPhone or Mac, then go to the Control Center and tap the AirDrop button. Now, select Everyone option to make your device visible to Mac and iOS device user. 3.Contacts Only or Everyone For security purpose, Apple recommends that you should select Contacts Only option from the list. So that people in your contact list will be able to discover your device. However, to use the ‘Contact Only’ option you must have a registered Apple ID and only users having a registered Apple ID will be able to discover you. Thus, for security concern you must use the ‘Contacts Only’ selection whenever possible. But if you still find that your AirDrop is not working then you can try changing the option from ‘Contacts Only’ to ‘Everyone’ and then again try to set the connection. 4.Reboot or Shutdown Apple smart devices are highly sophisticated devices and offer a good user experience. However, sometimes they might get prone to some glitches like freezing, application hang, etc. that can eventually lead to the unresponsiveness of AirDrop. The best course of action to troubleshoot the problem is to press the Power button and slide it off to power off the device. If the iOS device is still not responding, then press and hold the Home and Power buttons simultaneously. Doing this will forcefully reboot the device after about 10 seconds. After the device reboots, the iOS initializes all the system files and software, and the device gets ready to accept input commands once again. If you face the same issues in your Mac system, then also shutdown and reboot your system. Truthfully, many Mac OS X and iOS issues get resolved simply by powering down the devices and AirDrop is not an exception. Conclusion So, knowing how to use AirDrop on Mac or iPhone is not just enough you should also know how to troubleshoot the common errors of the service. Practicing troubleshooting tips ensure that you are able to fix your AirDrop related problems and can easily resume the benefits of this service. Thus, next time if you experience difficulty with AirDrop, then you know how to resolve your problems. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: