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Self-Improvement Bachelorhood can be a very frustrating and lonely place to be. Especially when all you really want is to find a decent person to share your life with. After all it’s not like your some scumbag guy that wants to abuse her. In fact quite the opposite you want to treat her like a queen, be good to her, and just be a decent human being. What Is The Problem? There is probably a few problems however the first and most important is; are you talking to the right girls? Believe it or not there are girls out there in the world that feel exactly like you do. They’re lonely, they’re sick of not having guys approach them, and desperately looking for decent guy in the world. How Do You Find These Girls? I would encourage you to avoid the bars, however obviously that is a viable option. The problem here is when you start adding alcohol to the mix. It is hard to make the transition from meeting a woman it the bar to a .mitted, secure relationship. But it does occasionally happen. Instead I would suggest you meet girls anywhere and everywhere. So for example instead of the bar, go hang out at the bookstore and drink a couple cups of coffee. Surprisingly women are very rarely approached by men without the influence of alcohol. Thus, if you approach her and have a few minutes of engaging conversation, you’re going to be a one-of-a-kind guide. This is your goal you want to be different than every other guy that’s approached her because clearly she wasn’t very attracted to every other guy as she is still single today. I know it sounds juvenile but you can also go to the mall, I promise you women of every age are going to prefer to meet a guy at the mall versus the bar. As you probably already know is very important for women to have a good story of how they met their boyfriend or husband. Very few women if any want to say they met their significant other out of the bar! What If She Rejects Me And Humiliates Me? Quick and easy test when you see a girl that you potentially want to approach look her in the eyes and smile at her. If she returns your smile then go and approach her, if she does not then don’t approach her. This is an easy way to help you avoid rejection and those girls that are just witches! Those nasty girls that are truly not attractive outside of mere physical attraction and do try to humiliate guys end up preventing you and most men from approaching the women that want you to approach them, and ask them out! Stop watching life pass you by and find the right girl for you today! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: