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UnCategorized Did you ever enjoy a movie in the .fort of your own house? Do you have any idea of custom theaters, which produce and share the similar effects that you experience in the movie theater? Point to be considered is not only about the visuals that appear on the big screen but also experiencing the similar superior audio effects with equal .fortableness. Do you have any experience of tailor-made home theater on large screen which is more than 60 inches at home with smashing audio video system of above 1200 watts with surround sound feature rocking your walls and pumping your heart beats with awesome woofer system. Now a day we are having good multiple options to get the best Custom home theater with superior audio and video quality. The current home theater systems are enabled with digital audio and video technologies allowing you to add as many speakers as you wish with 5.1 or 6.1 or 7.1 channel woofer system. They have a feature of surround sound which can give you a thrilling effect which is similar as one you experience while watching a movie in a .mercial theater. While making or installing your own custom theater you must consider following factors: * Size of your room * Seating position of the audience * Acoustics material present in your room * Light system should be installed in such a way that it should not affect the video screen * Size of your room should be kept in mind and accordingly either projector screen or a large screen television must be selected. * You have to identify whether wall mounted speakers or the stand speakers will be the best option for you to get the desired sound effect. * Room ventilation system is a must and must be installed in the room. Setting up your home theater system is easy but has to be managed in proper way. You can keep four speakers at four different corners and woofer at the back of chair. If required you can add more speakers and keep it besides the screen forming a dome structure. Now be ready to blast the room with your home theater system. Getting and setting a home theater is not a tough task at all, only you have to install it in proper way. Once the installation is .pleted your Custom home theater will give the same experience as that of .mercial theater. It will rock you giving your ears an intensified pleasure. Once you have home theater is installed at your home it will exceed all your enjoying expectations. Even you can make the one as you want and in your way but it should be in proper way. Getting one or making one is now days as easy as getting a small car. But once your have it you can feel the sound rotating and moving from one side to other, you will feel the tremendous experience same as you get in .mercial theater with your own fantastic custom home theater. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: