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Travel-and-Leisure Before travelling to a new destination many people reach for a Guide Book to give them an insight into the place they are visiting. I would re.mend taking this a step further. Delving into the literature that has been written about your chosen destination will give you a much deeper understanding of the place, its people and culture. Whether you choose to read non-fiction or fiction, writers will have examined idiosyncrasies that you may not access through the pages of a Guide Book. Furthermore if youre staying at one of the best hotels in Istanbul it may have a literary history of its own. Istanbul is a prime example of a city that can be explored through the words of the writers who have been inspired by and written about the city. From Agatha Christie to Edmondo de Amicis to the Nobel Prize Winner Orhan Pamuk beautiful words have been penned about this beautiful place. Agatha Christies legacy As the final destination of the Orient Express, Istanbul was destined to appear in one of Agatha Christies novels. However the connection goes deeper than that. One of the best hotels in Istanbul, The Pera Palace, was built to ac.modate the passengers from the Orient Express and Christie often stayed there when the hotel was at its peak in the twenties and thirties. She was so inspired by her long train journey that she wrote Murder on the Orient Express in 1934 while staying in Room 411 of the hotel. It is thought that the key to Christies mysterious disappearance in 1936 is at the hotel. The disappearance is examined in the film Agatha. Historical Literature If you are more interested in the factual history of the city, Edmondo de Amicis wrote a wonderful book in 1878. Named Constantinople the book gives us an insight into how the city was at this time in its history. De Amicis beautiful descriptive language takes you to places such as the Bazaar, "One of the most splendid bazaars is for shoes The walls are stacked with slippers; in velvet, in leather, in brocade, in satin, in the most startling colours and the oddest shapes, embroidered with filigree, glittering with sequins, decorated with swansdown and silk tassels, starred with flowers in gold and silver" It is difficult to find printed copies of the book now but you can download a digitalised copy as it is out of copyright. Orhan Pamuk, the 2006 winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, wrote Istanbul Memories of a City about the Istanbul of his youth. This is a wonderful memoir which takes us back to the Istanbul of the 1950s and 60s. There are of course many other fiction and non-fiction books that you can delve into about this wonderful city; these are just a taster of whats available. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: