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Anti-Aging Skin type refers to why and how the skin feels, behaves, and looks as it does. The different skin types are normal, dry, oily, sensitive, and .bination ones. It is important to identify the type of skin and its tone before embarking on a skin-care regimen. Once this is done, skin care just a matter of routine. But it must be remembered that skin type changes over a period of time in the same person. Just as the body and mind reset themselves while sleeping, the damage that the skin incurs during the day gets repaired during the night. Though the body can do this on its own, night repair cream help to speed up this process. Skin Types Depend On Certain Factors Genetics and the size of the sebaceous glands are the deciders of the type of skin. In addition, other factors ranging from climate to stress levels also play their part. Internal factors like skin health, hormonal changes in the body, diet, medications, and genetic .ponent, as well as external ones such as exposure to the sun, pollution, weather, and skin care regimen influence skin type. Oil and water content of the skin along with its sensitivity level also decide skin softness and elasticity. .pare The Different Skin Types Normal skin is very smooth in texture with a clear surface. The pores are barely visible. There are no flaky areas or patches and the .plexion is well-balanced. Dry skin occurs due to lack of moisture causing flaking and lack of elasticity, leading to rough, dull, and wrinkled .plexion. Decrease of Hyaluronic acid in the skin due to varied reasons can also cause dry skin. Oily skin type is characterized by enlarged pores with thick and shiny .plexion. Overactive sebaceous glands cause increased oils on the skin surface leading to pimples and blackheads. Sensitive skin may manifest with itching, redness, or dryness. .bination skin is the most difficult to take care of with some areas being oily and some dry. Looking After The Skin It is important to follow a proper skin care routine depending on the particular skin type. Even though normal skin is the least difficult to care for, it needs regular cleansing, refreshing, and moisturizing. Since dry skin is prone to flaking and wrinkling, it needs more nourishment and moisture to make it look healthier and smoother. Studies have shown that Hyaluronic acid moisturizer boosts skin hydration as well as resists moisture loss from the skin. In contrast to dry skin, excess oil from oily skin needs to be removed by hydration. Prevention and treatment of acnes is important in the care of oily skin. When dealing with .bination skin, the oily and the dry parts of the skin must be given the respective care. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: