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Business There are 29 stock exchanges in Africa, representing 38 nations’ capital markets. Most of the exchanges are south of Sahara. 2 of the exchanges are regional. The number of listings varies from a handful and up to around 400 .panies. All of them are small .pared with the large ones in America, Asia or Europe where many African related .panies are listed. It is not necessarily wrong for an African .pany be listed on let say London Stock Exchange, but it should have good options closer to home. This is especially important for small and mid-sized .panies. Also for Africa itself it is important to create a platform for more vibrant financial .munities around in the continent. In my view Africa now is ready to take step to get more locally based financial markets that can serve their .munities better including an international stock exchange located in Africa. Africa is starting to be.e capital rich due to a strong economic growth not just for one year, but for a decade. The increased price of natural resources and new resources found also contributes. But in addition to this also the human side is as important. The education level of Africans has increased substantially. And there is enough expertise to handle a substantial growth in the financial industry. The most important in my view, however, is the service the financial sector should be offering the new breed of young African entrepreneurs. These are people with education, skills and ambitions. What is essential for Africa is not to hinder these with unnecessary restrictions, but quite the opposite, to give them the opportunity to create local based businesses. A good and diverse financial sector could be an important vehicle for these entrepreneurs. It is obviously not good for Africa if these have to go abroad to find the optimal financing. Firstly it can mean that the business will be developed other places or actually that the business never will take off as the foreign investment .munity do not have the necessary .petence. This is especially the danger outside the natural resource area. This does not that foreign investors should be wel.ed, but what is important is to get the foreigners and foreign .panies to have local presence and .petence. A pan-African stock exchange covering all or at least most of the African countries south of Sahara could be a catalyst for such a development. Even the 2 regional stock exchanges that already exist are not big enough to create the vibrant market place that is required. It would not be enough with closer cooperation between the existing stock exchanges. What is needed is a genuinely united stock exchange that can provide services both for large and smaller .panies. Easy it will not be. Rivalry between countries and regions will not be easy to sort out. But in my view it is essential to start the process now so that we soon can see a genuine pan African stock exchange. Mr. Arun Panchariya is specialising in cross border transactions globally and is currently involved in a number of project related to Africa About the Author: 相关的主题文章: