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Cooking-Tips About Olive Oil There are many uses of olive oil as it is such as diverse product. It is a gourmet cooking product and can be used in a variety of ways, from making marinades to baking cakes. Whats more olive oil provides a number of beauty benefits and can be used in assisting with removing makeup, moisturising the skin and conditioning the hair. Below is a list of tips for using olive oil, from storing it correctly to uses it for a range of beauty benefits. Storage Tips Olive oil should be stored in a dry, dark place, preferably in an odourless, sealed container which will make the oil last longer. Do not store it in the fridge as it will solidify and ensure that there arent any strong smells near where the oil is kept as it will absorb the various smells. The best flavour is in the first two months of the oils storage, however if the oil is properly sealed and stored is can last up to 2 years, so treat it with care! Beauty Tips Conditioning Hair: Olive oil has a number of health benefits, from reducing heart disease to slowing down the process of aging. It can also be used on your hair as a conditioner; all you have to do is heat the oil until warm and massage into your hair until it is entirely covered. If you have dry hair then massage into the scalp too. Leave the oil on for 30 minutes before washing thoroughly. Combating Cellulite: Olive oil offers optimum moisture for the skin and soothes damaged skin exposed to UV rays. Apparently if you combine coffee granules with olive oil you can even reduce the look of cellulite. Removing Makeup: Extra virgin olive oil is so pure and non-irritating that you can safely use it around the eyes to remove makeup. Just gently wipe over your eyelids and eyelashes using a clean cotton pad. Moisturisation: Extra virgin olive oil offer great moisturisation for your face and body. You can either use it straight from the bottle or make a simple emulsion with water which will also help to rehydrate your skin. Cooking Tips Heating: Some olive oils cannot stand the heat of the pan as they have a low smoking point. Therefore, use standard oils and pure olive oil are suitable for frying although extra virgin oil is not as it loses its unique flavour as soon as it is heated. Using Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Extra virgin olive oil is best used in foods which are already cooked (fish & meat) or it can be used to make marinades, dressings or purely drizzled over fresh pastas, salads and breads. Bake with Olive Oil: While it may sound odd, baking with olive oil has actually been done for centuries. Replacing butter with olive oil gives cakes and cookies a light texture and it also contains a number of health benefits it dramatically cuts back on cholesterol and saturated fat content. 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