Agricultural Bank of China 800 billion to support the structural reform of the supply side – Zhejian-法拉利599gto

The Agricultural Bank of 800 billion new network to support new network in Zhejiang in September the supply side structural reforms in 28, recently, the Agricultural Bank of China in Hangzhou and Zhejiang provincial government signed a service supply side structural reform strategic cooperation agreement. Agricultural Bank of China, party secretary, chairman Zhou Mubing, deputy secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Committee, acting governor, vice governor, vice governor, attended the signing ceremony of the ceremony, Mr. Zhu Congjiu. According to the agreement, the Agricultural Bank of Zhejiang will be in accordance with the overall planning of the supply side structural reform, Zhejiang Province as a key area of the optimization of financial supply, give full play to the advantage of group management and the "three rural" financial services, in the credit policy, credit scale, operational efficiency and resource allocation priority to support the economic development of Zhejiang. In 5 years, with the intention of financing amount is not less than 800 billion yuan for Zhejiang, focusing on the real economy, the supply side structural reform in the transformation and upgrading of industry of major livelihood projects, promote Zhejiang to build new advantages of open economy. Zhejiang provincial government will put the Agricultural Bank as an important strategic partner, give support and assistance in policy, finance, information transmission and project coordination, to create a good external environment for the Agricultural Bank to carry out financial services. Fall to promote cooperation, the Agricultural Bank also specially formulated "Zhejiang support supply side structural reforms in a number of opinions", in boosting the construction of major projects, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, boosting innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples, support the real estate market to the inventory, to strengthen the "three rural" financial services, help the real economy, cost reduction and orderly production went to the lever and so on, put forward "billions of delivery" and "ten billion special" and "financial cooperation", "innovation", "housing projects", "beautiful country", "reduced cost profit", "clear stasis thin" eight plan, 30 effective measures. It is understood, according to the actual economic reform and development in Zhejiang, the starting point of Agricultural Bank identify support supply side reforms, especially to study the general secretary of the rural farmers to solve the production, supply and marketing, credit three-in-one problems in the industry to explore the rural Internet construction, continue to promote the rural inclusive finance. According to the water conservancy construction, Agricultural Bank of China took the lead in innovation launched a total of five water treatment special credit products, currently has a loan of 34 billion yuan, driven by the water conservancy project investment 94 billion 500 million yuan, effectively boosting the green mountains and rivers into the gold and silver mines. The signing ceremony, the Agricultural Bank Vice President Wang Wei, vice governor of Zhejiang province Zhu Congjiu representing the two sides signed a "strategic cooperation agreement" service supply side structural reform, deputy secretary of the Agricultural Bank of China chairman Zhou Mubing and Zhejiang provincial governor Che Jun attended the signing ceremony. In the agreement, the Agricultural Bank of China Zhejiang branch also with the Zhejiang provincial agriculture office, Zhejiang Provincial Water Conservancy Department signed a strategic cooperation agreement, within the next five years, Zhejiang branch of Agricultural Bank of China will provide two 50 billion yuan intention of financing amount, to further increase the "three rural" and the two major areas of water supply the breakthrough, economic transformation and upgrading, boosting the rural areas of Zhejiang province high level comprehensive well-off society, boost Zhejiang province water conservancy construction at the forefront of the country. Zhejiang branch of Agricultural Bank of China Governor Feng Jianlong of Zhejiang Province, the main office.相关的主题文章: