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The long march: decryption battle in the little red river experienced a new kind of youth in the network – this version of the valley Bu to commemorate the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Long March, the newspaper launched a series of reports "journey". Decoding is the first group of reports. Long story for decades, as if everyone on it has very familiar. But if you ask them, the hidden depths of the history of the spring and Autumn Annals that details the details behind, we have really understand it? Now, let us regain pure curiosity, do the same action, brigade march again, lifted a question mark. The Central Red Army Long March Pibozhanlang, "battle of Xiangjiang" and "Wujiang four Chishui" breakthrough ""…… Across 24 rivers, launched a soul stirring campaign. I interviewed a number of years, through the red land, visited some of the heroes also met for having heard it many times, some of the little-known small red army. With their tender and firm faith for the journey of waves, surging river as they warm and happy, a fresh young faces will be rushing to…… Battle of Xiangjiang, Yan Qingdi connected to the telephone line in 1934 with what, five counter campaign against "encirclement and suppression" failure, the main force of the Red Army on the long march. The 18 year old boy in Ruijin Yan Qingdi is a sucking rain saplings, joined with the main force of the Red Army Red army. The Red Army is trailbreaker, Legion team communication is the nerve center of the vanguard, Yan Qingdi served as the army team communication monitor. In November 27th, Yan Qingdi’s vanguard first crossed the Xiangjiang occupation Jieshou, then began to battle. The 5 regiment of the 11 army against the group, both sides took turns to charge, was grappling, shaking heaven and earth. However, a division of the Red Army hopelessly outnumbered, defensive Huashan meters position, day break, followed by the two division of the beautiful hair fell…… Corps headquarters phone does not stop, inflow, outgoing, the most urgent orders. It is said that Lin Biao has always been calm words of the long road two times the most intense, the first time in this moment. Is he suddenly issue orders left and right "feed……" Without a word. The telephone line is interrupted! Yan Qingdi suddenly, toting rifles, carry the telephone line, braving the deafening gunfire, along the line, fast gallop check. Check a few miles, finally found a gap, tens of meters long line, has blown all a hideous mess. Bent, fast will disconnect one after another. Tripping left open, the rumble, but from the headset to hear Lin Biao hurried call sound, he smiled happily. "Bang" a loud noise, the volt! Smile, touch a forehead, sweat mud, not blood. Fortunately, not far from the telephone line was blown off! Get up quickly, the military emergency communication, a moment will not be nervous! Continue to connect, but in the end, the rest of the wires are all used, but also a meter away! Worried, lost combat command, the bad will be unbearable to contemplate! Who, in one hand and one end of the telephone line, with arms outstretched, just fill the meter of the vacancy, the call is connected! Lin Biao came in a "military command must be Xiangshui and East, across the river in the starry night and hardships.".相关的主题文章: