Kunia Mi out of the main foreign aid Shenhua three injured Manzano has not renewed Sohu Sports-helmet怎么读

Kunia Mi out of the main foreign aid Shenhua three injured Manzano has not renewed Sohu sports tonight, Shanghai World War II this season second round will be staged in the Hongkou football stadium. For national security, perhaps this is a game of little importance, but for Manzano, but he is not ready to be the national security. Yesterday, Hongkou football news department than in the other minor, Shanghai World War II Plus Manzano against his former club, the game is full of gimmicks. "It can be seen that this is an unusual game because the media are more than usual." Manzano sat down, with a joke as the opening of the conference. But then, the Spaniard is not so lenient: "I am glad we were able to lock the next season AFC Champions League qualifications, but tomorrow’s game is also important for us, because we should also strive to take the third place in the league, but also steady." According to BYD reporter, Manzano and Shenhua contract negotiations has not yet started, and the transmission of information indicates that the contract is not clear, if can take security in their home court, by the way in the standings over Hong Kong, for Manzano’s contract, is a very heavy weight. But for the Manzano and his Shenhua, the most difficult problem is clearly staff: Demba is early for the season, playing the game and lost the guarin and Moreno, two people in Columbia will not participate in the game tomorrow." Manzano himself yesterday announced the news, this also means that the Shenhua offensive can rely on foreign aid, there is only one Martins. But the security situation is not too good, Yilmaz played the game of pulling a muscle, the game did not travel to Shanghai, Zhang Chengdong and Li Lei play a yellow card because the field also accumulated four yellow automatic one game suspension. "Manzano is very familiar to us, Shenhua in their home court is also very strong, but we must play the game." Although it is nothing, but in the face of Shanghai World War II of this game, Guoan or must be taken seriously, and even without Yilmaz, but have a healthy Augusto and Sergeyev, plus Yu Dabao and Zhang Xizhe, Guoan in front, at least more than Shenhua neat. Shanghai newspaper news reporter Zhang Wei相关的主题文章: