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The man insisted that he won the first prize in the lottery embezzlement of more than 200 were arrested – Beijing, Beijing, Chongqing, October 23, (Zhang Gongbo Deng Peixin Liu Xianglin) men’s hobby to buy lottery tickets, two or three pairs of prize, believes he can at first, misappropriation of more than 200 of public funds to buy lottery tickets was crazy. Reporter 23, from Chongqing Jiangjin police was informed that the man was arrested on suspicion of misappropriation of funds. Police said Tan is a company in Jiangjin District, an old employee. Due to his hard work, outstanding performance, in 2005 was promoted to the sales department. Tanmou usually love to buy lottery tickets, especially fond of the double chromosphere, he will buy lottery installments. Tan Mougang was just luck, every time you buy a small amount of. He was two prize Shuangseqiu, a third-prize bonus five times, hundreds of thousands of yuan, convinced that he could be the prize, so crazy to buy lottery tickets. From the beginning of the first half of last year, he will buy each thousand yuan lottery. Tam wages are basically spent on the lottery, and even owe a lot of foreign debt, he would like to misappropriate company funds to buy lottery tickets. Tam is responsible for the sale of the company’s products, often deal with customers directly. Tam charge customers when the loan, the number of times the use of the position, the interception of the customer to pay the price of bank acceptance bills or cash, trying to cash the bill. At the beginning, Tanmou every time only misappropriated about one hundred thousand acceptances, fill with rob Peter to pay Paul way. Later, Tan misappropriation of funds more and more, a maximum of 500 thousand yuan misappropriated bank acceptances. With Tam’s revenue and customer loans late, simply can not fill. In August this year, the company found Tanmou where payment is embezzled, Tanmou will be seized and turned over to the public security organs. According to tan confessed that since June last year, a total of more than 200 yuan a year he embezzled public funds. At present, Tanmou suspicion of the crime of misappropriation of funds by the public security organs according to the arrest, the case is still being investigated.相关的主题文章: