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Self enrollment plus raise parents can do something for the children since 2015, college enrollment will be independent of the examination time in the college entrance examination, the child’s test tension, parents need to do some preparation for the child’s independent enrollment. In general, with the academic expertise and innovation potential candidates in the primary election has obvious advantages. There are no awards, no papers and patent invention of the candidates, is not suitable for admission? Not necessarily! In 2016, 21 colleges and universities, the comprehensive scores or outstanding achievement can apply for independent recruitment conditions are given. – your child is suitable for independent recruitment? If your child’s performance in this line, want to participate in the independent recruitment, under the conditions of sufficient time, the first thing to do is to increase the parents since the trial by the chips: proof of academic expertise and innovation potential materials (various award certificates and papers, patents, etc.). If the time is not sufficient, it will spell scores or comprehensive scores. The selection of independent recruitment theselective school independent recruitment principle generally has two kinds: one is the choice of normal play by bare ranking is not up to the count, independent recruitment points to be admitted to the school. The two is to choose the normal play by the naked scores can be admitted to the school ranking. – several universities reported to increase the hit rate of only primary application materials pass primary candidates are eligible to participate in the examination and interview, also left a few primaries down hard to say. Wait until after the election results, and then carefully chosen; because some colleges and universities independent enrollment, the number of candidates to apply for college is limited. Primary election to fill several universities, but more than just a few copies of the application materials, the main workload is the parents do not increase the burden on candidates. The materials submitted to help students prepare for the parents, so don’t take too much time candidates if you intend to apply to schools, as long as the first to set out, we modeled on, because all the same; but also do not pay attention to the school’s "small" is omitted. – apply to candidates from the whole process of examination and voluntary reporting, should pay attention to the "subject expertise" and "innovation potential" of the two core elements from the award-winning perspective, academic expertise usually refers to the five disciplines Orsay students and English (course) class, class composition contest winners. Innovation potential refers to the award-winning students in the field of science and technology, such as the National Youth Science and technology innovation contest award. Winners do not need to apply the material to reflect the discipline expertise and innovation potential, remember that the application materials to match the requirements of the professional disciplines of colleges and Universities Enrollment Requirements match. Access to the independent selection of qualified candidates, voluntary reporting must be consistent with the application of the registration requirements of the subject, otherwise you can not get bonus points. The independent recruitment brochure carefully (or plan) details is necessary to understand parents’ special independent recruitment policies of some colleges and universities, there are a number of professional and youhuijiafen types of registration. The application materials, the main role is to allow you to apply for the university independent recruitment through examination of the material generally consists of three parts. Fixed part: application form (or registration form), transcripts, award-winning materials. Flexible part: personal statement (recommendation),.相关的主题文章: