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The depth of life become: eat bitter sweet folk songs creation in new network "into the plateau, to know what is the immensity of heaven and earth; look the snow capped mountains, and understand what is the very peak." In August this year, Chinese China, Chinese art and Music Association Association of more than 20 well-known music and dance artists went to the Tibet autonomous region to carry out in-depth life, rooted in people’s folk creation, they disregard the difficult mountain sickness, fear Road, Lhasa, Shigatse, Linzhi and other deep, heart feel Tibet unique natural and cultural charm. Understand the production and living conditions of the masses of all ethnic groups in Tibet. You said, eat the folk songs "bitter", it may have created the "sweet", they will be the depth of excavation of Tibet music and dance elements, draw creative nutrients, and strive to create a number of outstanding works of music and dance, show the great changes in Tibet and outstanding achievements. Literary and artistic creation method has one hundred, one thousand, but the most fundamental, the most critical, the most reliable way is rooted in the people, rooted in life." At present, more and more artists into the grassroots line, folk songs, show sympathy, twinning in rural community, school camps, industrial and mining enterprises and other common practice. We are not at the grassroots level, is on the way to the grassroots." Artists have said, "the people" and "life" has become a literary words, "people’s life, deeply rooted" has become the strongest voice of the literary and art circles. Two years, Chinese Federation of the full development of the "send joy to the grassroots, the volunteer service brand project, expand the depth of life, rooted in the people" theme practice activities of coverage. Artists of the old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas, border areas and poverty-stricken areas, in the construction of key projects of the first line, rural towns, streets, community school barracks, into the ordinary people, to show sympathy, coaching, art teaching, exhibition and other activities, received a warm welcome. What people need, what artists send to. More adhere to the masses as the dominant, the content of the right to choose the art exhibition, show to the grassroots. For example, Guangdong Province Federation of hundreds of thousands of art lectures grassroots activities, to the masses "in the form of single point of the popularization of art, has so far held more than 1 thousand and 200 people, nearly 800 thousand people directly involved in. Not only the quality of literary works "sent down", spread the culture seed, artists will be more fresh inspiration, rich material "picking up", draw nourishment. Hu Shaoxiang, a playwright at the Central Opera House, said: "the material and inspiration in the creation must be able to impress yourself and move the audience. Where do these come from? Not imagined, but must stride feet into the life of the rich." At the grass-roots level, and the broad masses of the people to eat, live and work together in the process, the majority of artists of the art accumulation even more profound, the content of the work is more down to earth, the quality of culture, more full flavor of the times more intense, more among the people. National Theatre youth director Bai Haotian, in more than two years, the depth of Tibet 14 times, and the Tibet Opera Troupe co creation of patriotism drama "common home". Bai Haotian said.相关的主题文章: