China’s richest man is keen to show the identity of ancient Chinese luxury aesthetic-小坂めぐる

China Regal accused Chinese style house with keen: ancient aesthetics to reveal the identity of the September 4th U.S. media reported that in July, the British Sotheby’s international real estate company began selling in Suzhou with a set of 32 bedroom houses, the price made headlines. According to the CNN reported on August 29th, it covers an area of 72 thousand square feet (about 6689 square meters) of the house price of nearly 1 billion yuan, Chinese called "the the Peach Garden of Suzhou (real estate information)" – known as the most expensive residential China. The news sparked a strong demand for luxury living in the country. But it also represents a subtle trend in China’s super rich. Reported that, although the modern configuration has many Western villas, such as swimming pool and wine cellar, but this house is indefeasibly Chinese wind. The rockery garden mansion and cornices embodies the ancient aesthetics, this style is now popular in Chinese luxury market. He said: "we can see that this traditional style of the trend in the market is becoming more and more popular, especially in the field of high-end luxury. In Beijing, most high-end villa products are now traditional style." Guo Yi, a real estate consulting firm in Beijing, said that in recent years, the architectural style of the rich has changed. Over the past two or three years, more and more high-end real estate use of traditional design elements." She said that 15 years ago, Beijing typical luxury names are copied western architecture, but now, they are more use of traditional Chinese culture with the name. Reported that the number of traditional style building may reflect Chinese new "wealth". Chinese style real estate can allow high-end buyers to distinguish themselves from the middle class. The latter goal is still stuck in the western style mansion. Liz, editor in chief of ·, said: "China’s rich may have traveled all over the world, and are likely to have property overseas, and even have a French castle.". They need something unique to show their identity. · Jon, founder of Domvs London, a luxury development company, said that the real estate market felt this new demand in. 10 years ago, he was asked to build a European style village. Now, his company is considering a large development project in Hangzhou. These buildings will be integrated into the principle of Feng Shui, the traditional artificial lake, including pavilions, terraces and open halls around the house, will be built "the Great Wall". Obrien said: buyers are becoming more proficient in design. With Chinese travel around the world, they soon learned that the hodgepodge, poor, imitation of the western Disney architecture in terms of design or investment will not last long. This is the reason why the recent trend has shifted to traditional Chinese architecture, although the interior and facilities are still modern." (China Economic Net)相关的主题文章: