In the parking lot together with the car driver robbed two men in the field trial-月丘うさぎ

In the parking lot together with the car driver robbed two men in the field trial nanguojinbao news (reporter correspondent He Shujun   Wu Xuanxuan) and friends came to visit Liuzhou, learned that the family misfortune occurred in Liaoning Province, Shenyang city and a friend Wang was in Liuzhou East Central Avenue, a shopping plaza (hereinafter referred to as "shopping plaza") of the underground parking lot hijacked a woman, and the woman’s car back home. Yesterday, on suspicion of robbery, Wang, a case in Liuzhou City People’s court trial. His wife lost fitness after 7 o’clock in the evening of June 10th this year, Liuzhou public yang to call his wife Lee’s mobile phone, but found not connected. And in the afternoon, Ms. Lee said she would go to the shopping plaza, a fitness club fitness. His wife usually finished fitness to go home, Mr. Yang found abnormal, then went to the fitness club. However, fitness club staff said, Ms. Lee as early as 5 pm to leave. Yang multi contact, there is no news of his wife. Until 1 am the next day, Mr. Yang Yang finally received a phone call. His wife on the phone, said he was taking the car was hijacked by two men, was abandoned on the road, and now in Hunan Province, the public security organs. Mr. Yang quickly contact a friend to accompany himself to Hunan, his wife home. At the same time, the Liuzhou police also received the alarm Yang, and began investigating the case. In June 20th, the suspect Wang, Wang Shenyang city police officers were arrested, the public security organs seized looted cars, watches and mobile phone and other items, and has been returned to the victim. Hijacking eventually escape in yesterday’s trial, accused the city district Procuratorate, June 10th 5 pm, Wang, a shopping mall in the underground parking lot, see Lee alone on a cross-country car, then forced open the door to the car, sitting in the driver’s seat onto Lee the back seat. Lee tried to resist, with his mouth when the bite of a left thumb, but still lost to two people. When a hand to suppress Lee’s head, and holding a fruit knife threatened Lee not to move. Wang is driving the vehicle fled the scene. On the way, Ms. Lee while some unprepared, picked up a fruit knife to revolt, and at the time of a right chest stabbed. Wang found, turned to seize the knife in the past, when a fist with a fist hit ms.. When the vehicle traveling near the city of Hunan, Huaihua, Wang found a suit of clothes on the roadside to Lee put on, and let it out of the car. Subsequently, Wang and a certain time to continue to drive towards the direction of Liaoning fled. After identification, Lee was robbed worth 175 thousand and 900 yuan off-road vehicles, worth $1620 a piece of Apple watches and a $4870 worth of Apple Mobile phone. Two people pleaded guilty in court trial, when one said that he and Wang, Wang Moumou from Shenyang city to Liuzhou to play, suddenly received a phone call home, said a death in the family. He wanted to get some money back home, so he planned to carry out the robbery in Liuzhou. The day of the incident, he and Wang to see a person to the car after the car, they rushed up. Wang said that after the car drove to Hunan, he and a certain time, said the two people just for money, Cheng相关的主题文章: