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Ji’nan: 100 thousand Cash – unclaimed Beijing police control and posted notices, not to find the missing reporter Qi Yunlei newspaper reported 19 people Lee in the Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of Lixia District famous District Heights picked up 100 thousand yuan money but 4 days unclaimed issue, on the same day, the reporter once again from the Ji’nan Public Security Bureau under the calendar Yao informed the police station, police station and obtain a surveillance area, and posted the lost and found, but as of now, the owner who is still no clue. 19 am, the reporter saw in the police station in the village of Lee found a $100 thousand in cash and wine. The reporter saw, money and wine in wine packaging box a pale yellow, outside made a handle with tape. There were 6 bottles of red wine in the box, but it was taken out of the bottle, the space is free to put the bag with a paper bag of one hundred thousand yuan in cash. Dry red wine named hoags Wine, is imported by a company in Ji’nan. According to Yao police station deputy director Wang Chunhua introduced the morning of fifteen August mid autumn day, they are in the police station on duty, a resident of the celebrities heights suddenly holding a box into the police station. He said it was picked up in a parking area of the District, open a look inside the four bottles of wine and tied the mouth of $one hundred thousand in cash." Wang Chunhua said, the public was also on the scene for a long time the owner, but did not find it, sent to the police station. Yao police station rushed to the famous District Heights, monitoring the transfer of the area of the site of the incident, but did not find any valuable clues. Wang Chunhua said, they will report to the command center, contact the residential property, the property lost in the district posted on the bulletin board. From the public 14 days to pick up money has been for the past 5 days, we command center did not receive the alarm has lost these things, did not go to the police station to claim." As for the 100 thousand cash and wine unclaimed on how to handle, Wang Chunhua said that the money is currently in the branch of the Lost and Found Office, in accordance with the relevant provisions, if no one claimed half a year later, the money will be turned over to the state treasury. The reason for this 100 thousand of the cash has been unclaimed, users have expressed their views, the majority of users believe that the money was sent to the gift money. "If the unit issued a holiday bonus, how will be imported wine box?" Netizens speculated that the parties may be drunk when evening entertainment, home parking unloading things to put the box in the street, but because there was no hangover plus dark, is forgotten them. The lawyer is the analysis thinks, this is obviously not familiar with conventional techniques between non gifts, don’t worry about each other will take this way, but the conduct of the parties is bribery, suspected of criminal offenses, according to the latest judicial interpretation, corruption or bribery amount less than two hundred thousand yuan in thirty thousand yuan or more, shall as a "large amount", sentenced to three years imprisonment or criminal detention, and shall also be fined.相关的主题文章: