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"I love my home" pet games adorable pet cat dog competition – Sohu Sohu   entertainment; entertainment news "I love my home" pet pet games games, and can be comparable to the tiger cat to come to a big competition and honest and loyal dogs? Mo Yuanji picked up stray rat could play "nest cross in front of eight cats"! No. 98 compound adorable pet lefantian, super adorable declaration: our world you do not understand! The mouse will cry the cat! Who is the owner of the cat fashion? From the French and Russian Persian cat Garfield show how? Akita dog how to gently from the host mouth food? In November 14th the BTV 19:35 "I love my family" adorable cat dog show very interesting staged! 98 hospital pet Games: Adorable pet dogs and cats! "My family" old neighbors are not general! Pet Games opening battle: Mo Yuanji brought two dogs and a girl Lele was adorable turned the audience, the 1, 2 dogs did not contestant No. 3 player Kitty cake high cold! It looks like a tiger on the tiger! No. 4 player cat jam again? The first round of the theme is: who listens to the host? Mo domineering exposed dogs had a stroke above, stray dogs are they now solidly built, Mo Yuanji exposes the dog a secret! And the cat because the timid cat, the scene let it eat also resolutely not action! The original cat after a change in the environment does not adapt, do not eat, to the atmosphere of the scene is different, it is not to eat something. Cats and dogs in the competition, who is more than listening to the words of the master? Whose face value is high? Even the Lord’s love is more than love! Who can make a beautiful fashion for the ingenuity of the cat? Mo Yuanji picked up a stray rat by accident what dared to face the eight cats, can "cross nest"? The French and Russian Persian cat Garfield show "home" not only on the competition stage is also busy, adorable pet stars circle! Viewers have brought their "small adorable companion", just from the airport to the Persian cat had won international awards, it is rare to see a French guy"! From Russia to the lazy Garfield really look similar with the cartoon image, the original features of the first pure Garfield is to face some is flat, flat face, eyes round and big, the forehead is round, small ears, short neck, a brief summary is: Big Ass round waist thick short legs! But it is very soft, especially suitable for children and the elderly companion, no attack, with the family have any pets can be together! We distinguished grade descent is more expensive! In addition to which rare adorable pet stunning appearance? In November 14th BTV’s "I love my home" 19:35 please pay attention to Beijing dog very adorable cat show!相关的主题文章: