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China tourists Jeju Island has blocked Yishanbuzheng also causes – Beijing, the Consulate General in Jeju in response to China tourists is communication events: rejected media reports, "eleven" during the golden week hundreds of tourists in Jeju Island China refused entry, and stranded at the airport incident. Reporter 8 from the Chinese Consulate General in Jeju was informed that there are a variety of reasons to refuse entry, the consulate has been in communication with the local immigration management. According to South Korean law, Chinese mainland passport holders can apply for visa free access to Jeju Island, South Korea, stay for 30 days. China Consulate General in Jeju, said the officer, refused entry to the situation for a variety of reasons, although the Jeju Island area belongs to the visa, but does not mean that smoothly random immigration, immigration officers must provide valid passport, valid itinerary and real accommodation information can provide more information entry, there are problems when the Jeju customs can be refused entry, including Yishanbuzheng can be refused entry to the cause. Chinese Consulate General in Jeju said that Chinese tourists in Jeju, such as the emergence of a number of cases have occurred in recent years. The main reason is that, first, the number of tourists in the late detention increased, especially in the recent occurrence of several Chinese tourists in Jeju criminal cases, therefore, the South Korean immigration management department has been to strengthen the immigration management. Another reason is due to flight, inbound tourists can not be returned in time. Consulate General pointed out that embassies and consulates have no right to interfere with local authorities. But the consulate will assist in the scope of duties within the situation, has been with the local immigration department to communicate. It is understood that the "eleven" during the golden week Chinese to more than 200 thousand of staff, including as many as more than 70 thousand tourists visit Jeju Island. Recently, a number of consecutive cases of Chinese tourists in Jeju Island with the vicious criminal cases, Jeju Island, South Korea customs has also strengthened the management of immigration. Li reminded consulates side to remind the tourists Chinese when ready itinerary, hotel reservation, air tickets and other related materials. In case of entry is blocked, it is recommended to communicate with each other, as far as possible to provide relevant evidence, for release. If the communication failed, accept the decision of the competent department of local advice. As indeed have been unfairly treated, can collect and preserve the evidence, after complaints by or judicial settlement. In addition, the Consulate General of Jeju also reminded to help Chinese tourists, must comply with local laws and regulations, respect for local customs, civilized tourism. Comprehensive Xinhua news agency, CCTV reported相关的主题文章: