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CCTV2016 legal person of the year award held in Beijing – Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news in November 11, 2016, "the spirit of the rule of law constitutional power — law CCTV2016 annual figures selection and awards ceremony held a press conference in Beijing media center. Organizers of the activities by the national law office, the Ministry of justice, CCTV, in the National People’s Congress, the Central Committee, the Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of public security under the support by CCTV society and law channel specifically. At the press conference, the leaders of the ministries and commissions, the members of the Standing Committee on behalf of the judges of the current rule of law and more than and 40 media in Beijing, witnessed this exciting scene. Three years ago, the twelfth session of the eleventh meeting of the NPC Standing Committee passed the "National People’s Congress on the establishment of the national constitution" decision, the current constitution, and announced by the implementation date of December 4th this year, the establishment of the national constitution. CCTV2016 legal person of the year award, "the spirit of rule of law constitutional power" as the theme, to elect 25 candidates, in them, have to seek for justice and dedication to the rule of law, with a more warm and close to the heart. Among them, have to defend the dignity of the law, loyal guards — safeguarding the interests of the masses to telecommunications fraud, for the people to recover economic losses of Interpol, anti fraud telecommunications network expert Wei Jian; against "money case" and "case" and "human case" model of judge Zhi Li Huang; let the world Master in forensic The case is entirely cleared. Liu Liang; there are those who help others, legal workers and civil law character — the selfless, went to Tibet, Xinjiang legal aid lawyer Chen Xian and his wife, Cao Xu; caring for children, service people volunteer lawyers Lu Yan; public organizations "to declare war on pollution enterprises ACEF obligations; adhere to 11 years, to promote the the Chen Man case vindicated Cheng Shirong and so on. In them, we see how the law engraved into the plain of life, how is a writing legend. The "decision" of the CPC Central Committee on promoting a number of major issues of rule of law has made it clear that "the law is the rule of Jack, good law is the premise of good governance". "We must adhere to the legislation first, play the leading role of legislation and promote the key to improve the quality of legislation." CCTV2016 legal person of the year award for three consecutive years has been paying close attention to the legislative field, this year the introduction of the new "People’s Republic of China charity law", which lasted ten years, and eventually became a model of "open legislation" and its legislative promoters representatives will also in the candidate list. At the same time get attention, and died in September, Peking University law school professor Mr. Wei Zhenying, he devoted his life to teaching the research on civil law, is responsible for the drafting of the "general principles of civil law civil liability chapter, has made pioneering contributions. In 1986, the fourth session of the National People’s Congress adopted the "general rules of civil law of the people’s Republic of China", which is still closely related to the rights and interests of each person after thirty years. CCTV2016 legal figure of the year.相关的主题文章: