Wuhan, a storm after a few months of hard to return to the residents to wear slippers to work mine_清翼

In Wuhan a few months after the storm water returned to work yesterday morning residents wearing slippers, who lives near the Zhuankou Yangtze River Road, Mr. Chen is very distressed, the Yangtze River Road from the rain to water for several months, every day he passed either barefoot or wearing slippers wade. Yesterday morning, the reporter found in the Zhuankou Yangtze River Road, the water is about 300 metres long section of road, the depths of 30 cm deep, the side of the road is the demolition, one side is an logistics park, Jiang Wei Industrial Park and other units, many of the workers out of the road in this work. A man and a woman wearing boots from the side of the road through the ground, sediment accumulated a thick layer of shoes basically can not be settled. Chen said that this road in July after the storm has been stagnant water. "That is the subway construction, the water pipe cut off, a nearby company has been flooded, the water discharged out, then the company basically every day will be pumping water into the road, the road leading to the low-lying water has been." Mr. Chen said, a lot of people who work nearby, are wearing boots or barefoot Tangshui, National Express Company perennial water gate. Reporters came to the pumping department, a 30 cm diameter of the pump into a waste company’s sewer, the company is about half a meter lower than the road terrain. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter will be reflected to the mayor hotline 12345, as of press time has not received the relevant departments reply. (reporter Lin Jing)相关的主题文章: