Dalian Metro Line 5 trial is expected to start at the end of the year caxa实体设计

The test section of Dalian Metro Line 5 is expected to start by the end of our city is by subway commuters preferred travel, morning and evening peak in the subway car passengers were enough to prove its popular degree, Congress subway hot topic. The reporter was informed yesterday afternoon in the city of the twelfth Party Congress delegation meeting, I will start a new round of rail transit construction, Metro Line 5 first, the test section is expected to start at the end of this year; Metro Line 4 project started in the first half of next year; Metro Line 7 project started in 2018. Yesterday afternoon, Li Haibin said on behalf of the introduction, metro rail transportation mode is like a city artery, contribute to the smooth conduct of various economic activities in the city, enhance the economic vitality of the city. Put forward the "priority development of public transport in the Congress report, started the Metro Line 4, line 5, line 7 construction", in accordance with state approved order, I will start construction of metro line 5." It is reported that the construction of Metro Line 5 will have an important impact on the city’s urban traffic. "This line will turn south of downtown tiger beach, Jiefang Road high density residential district and qingniwa commercial district linked up through the spring and the residential area of metro tunnel into the sea and the old Ganjingzi residential area, contact." Li Haibin said, Metro Line 5 north end point station will be located in Shen sea highway toll gate on the west side of the salt. The future will be planning the construction of metro line two phase of the project, the line is designed from the rear of the salt station near the entrance to the new airport terminal. According to Li Haibin, a subway construction period of about five years, according to the current plan, the test section of Metro Line 5 is expected to start at the end of this year; Metro Line 4 project started in the first half of next year; Metro Line 7 project started in 2018. By Metro Line 5 to the train station and the salt and fast track 3 transfer line (about 27.5 km, the construction period of about five years) after the Tiger Beach District, Jiefang Road residential area, labor park, qingniwa commercial center, the Dalian Railway Station, barracuda Bay City Center, old Ganjingzi, spring water, salt etc.. The line connects qingniwa, barracuda bay two city core carrier, contact the Dalian Railway Station, the new airport in Dalian two foreign transportation hub, break the green, and even the old Ganjingzi Barracuda Bay Bay barrier, change the past single travel to west channel, to provide a new way to travel. Metro Line 5 in the train station and salt and fast track line two after the transfer of the 3, can ease the pressure on its passenger flow. By Metro Line 4, north of downtown east to fast track (about 27 km) north of the line as the core area of Dalian East skeleton line, line west Yingchengzi Town, east side center Barracuda Bay on the eastern side of Longtoushi, along the route through Yingchengzi Town, ecological science and Technology City, xinzhaizi, paoai village, Shandong road Kim, barracuda Bay Street, city public center and other functional areas. Metro Line 4 to build the north of Dalian core area East-West fast connecting channel. The line from west to East and north to the Metro Subway Line 2, line 1, fast rail line 3, Metro Line 5 transfer. 4 line linking bubble cliff and Golden Triangle area, with the subway line 1, line 2 and the transfer of the residents of the city can be improved along the philosophy相关的主题文章: