Li Hao personal identification of Qiao Ye writing stanley博士的家2

Li Hao: Qiao Ye writing personal identification [Abstract] in the establishment of self identification and courage from the familiar path of "lost", the courage to strange and unknown adventure, courage will be in the new text self remodeling, such writers, can not let people look forward to. Author: Li Hao from the perspective of real life get down Qiao Ye Qiao Ye has an old story, called "wheelchair". "Ancheng daily," a female reporter named Yan Qi, after receiving a little injury after a strange experience to accept the task: "one meter height to see Ancheng". The premise is that all participants must ride a wheelchair. A meter height: it is of course a kind of reduction, or decline. However, the lower the experience is new, is of the self and the world once again revisited — here, we give Joe leaves created a "real", and let the Yan Qi accept this "real" brings "inevitable consequences" to see her and passers-by: avoid, always the obliging waiter intentionally neglect, embarrassment and hypocrisy of the old classmates meet, hugging and crying in the Cecil strands, until the interaction has a strong impression of the lover, fled in Yan Qi "one meter height" and "reality" cramped under. Of course, the novel did not here in the end, she will have to face repeatedly refused to taxi and bus, she will have to face more "abandoned", but as she prepared to remove camouflage "recovery" into a so-called "normal" before, several small hun hun and opportunity snatched her bag…… Qiao Ye Yan Qi through the eyes, his perspective slightly down, will cut height: when first read the novel I will quietly Qiao ye, and another writer compares – Italy Tallo · Calvino, "the Baron in the trees". What Calvino did was to make himself rise, to raise his own perspective, "to live in the tree, and to love the earth". Italy Tallo · Calvino’s rise to get beyond, and Qiao Ye’s cut let yourself get the original life most vivid texture in life fold in those hidden under her pen to work detail. Yes, this reduction is by no means in this, and in my opinion it is a universal. She doesn’t let herself in a kind of high point, at least never let his stand on the moral high point, for life and others, especially it seems that only one meter height "in others, especially those in others only ignore and despise the people, those feelings she had to do with their emotional body stickers, stickers, try not to let oneself understand outside. Like the "heating" he "," in the home in the rapist; like "lighter" in more than really, had raped, still in danger with the heart of a small animal like; "" the red lipped cold and cold purple…… Qiao ye put ourselves in them and they use them, and their soul talk, talk with them and their behavior, including the use of them and their "not right to speak. When non fiction, "demolition" — here, Joe leaves directly with the "I", "my sister" to speak. Here".相关的主题文章: