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Release in the word, "said the major political reform" of the future there are many big news yesterday. For example, in addition to the National People’s Congress on the knight Island interpretation law interpretation of the basic law, at 8 yesterday evening, there is a heavy news quietly released: the central office issued "on the national supervision system reform pilot program in Beijing City, Shanxi Province, Zhejiang province". According to this plan, Beijing, Shanxi, Zhejiang, three will be a pilot, the establishment of a National People’s Congress of the supervisory committee – a new institution, will be the exercise of the state’s supervisory functions of the agency". Although the news release text is not long, only more than and 400 words, but is full of information. In the words of the program, this is a major political reform of the overall situation". You know, like a major political reform, such words, eighteen years since very rare. So, what does this news mean? When a new functional authority needs to be set up, it must be set up in the background, there are problems to be solved. According to release, the pilot set up the agency’s goal, is "implementation of the organization and system innovation, the integration of anti-corruption resources, expand the scope of inspection, enrich the means of supervision to achieve full coverage of public officials and supervision of the exercise of public power, the establishment of centralized authority, efficient supervision system, to fulfill the duties of anti-corruption". If you want to achieve these goals to achieve a sense of justice or discount, you can see the problem you want to solve. In the opinion of Knight Island, the pilot hopes to solve the core problem, is anti-corruption forces dispersed the scope of corruption has not reached full coverage — in other words, without a focus, covering generalized "public servants of all strength". Said first scattered. According to the current Chinese architecture, on the "anti-corruption" of this job, the most familiar, is certainly the first Commission for Discipline Inspection, no doubt; set up the anti corruption Bureau, procuratorate anti malfeasance and crime prevention department, is such; and in the State Department’s internal organs, and supervision department, the Audit Commission, the National Bureau of corruption prevention; public security, court and other institutions, it also has functions such as investigation and judgment. Different departments, suitable for different groups of people, or in different stages of the anti-corruption line on different tasks. For example, full coverage is not enough. It is easy to understand: in theory, the Commission for discipline inspection system management is all Party members; and the Ministry of supervision of the line, belonging to the government agencies within the Department, can only manage the public officials within the government system. But in China, the extension of public officials is not limited to government officials; NPC, CPPCC, the court, the procuratorate, as well as the broad sense of "eat finance", are "public officials". Some of these officers are party members, while others are not; in accordance with the current "administrative supervision law", there are some, although not in the ranks of public officials, but engaged in government authorized acts (such as village director). In accordance with the existing structure, in theory, there is a blind area of supervision; or in the actual operation will encounter insufficient authority, lack of means or the need for multi cooperation. And in these three areas of the pilot Commission, is to solve these problems. Many people have called for the establishment of regulatory independent machine wave相关的主题文章: