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Young people, Emoji is in control of your technology – Sohu Emoji, size is 12× 12 pixels, each made of a mobile phone, will take 2 bytes of traffic — Emoji is in such a form in the network world. Emoji is the Japanese "painted text" means, equivalent to the Chinese said "expression". Around 1999, a Japanese named Li Tian Chong rang of young people, like many straight, to his girlfriend texted often misunderstood. For example, "know" is interpreted as "angry", "impatient", then triggered the cold war. So the young man thought: if you can insert some emoticons to express feelings in the text, we should need it!" The original Emoji was born. Emoji is one of the sayings of contemporary young people in the 1999, when the field of chestnut worship served in the Japanese mobile phone company Docomo. In order to increase the competitive advantage, Kurita about 250 emoticons rang is equipped with the i- design the mode system produced by Docomo, the original Emoji began to appear in the young people you come to me to chat. Nowadays, many young people can not do without Emoji. In 2015, on Twitter, Emoji expression "laugh cry" was used 6 billion 500 million times. People around the world in a year, on a site, a single 121G spent on the flow of Emoji. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Young people, as if to leave the Emoji will not be able to correctly express emotions, like text from Emoji will be cast into the shade. In addition to Emoji, young people also use some new popular abbreviations. In the first China, young people with "the Big Dipper" refers to a multi-level generation loved, cheerful, celebrate, the excitement of rush about telling the news around spreading ", and" leg years "refers to" the legs (is beautiful) I can play a year ", as well as 2333 and 666 expression code from the network extending from the acronyms that some kind of emotion. In the west, "BTW" means "By the way" and "WTF" means "What the"……" Keke. Emoji and these abbreviations, young people are endowed with some new words in certain meaning, because it’s fun and easy to remember, soon spread among young people. These games were originally only in the sub cultural status, but with the young people’s right to speak gradually larger, more people to understand and use them, it has become a universal within a certain range of "contemporary slang". Even in the mainstream context, on 2015 in Oxford for example, in good taste, "dictionary" the top word of the year, was a representative of "joy" Emoji. Although China expression package brain hole wide open, early punctuation and abbreviations expression nostalgic fun, also enemy but the Emoji lines are simple and emotional, relying on the image, easy to use. Compared with the "Emoji" in the Internet age, the image is based on the image.相关的主题文章: