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Let me see how to make fishermen aquaculture Sohu Fujian tourism Fuding Yundang artwork – probably because everyone knows, life will be insipid, to die. So, we are so eager to passionate love, hate gradually mediocre life. But, although met every time are not good, but meet or the ups and downs of the collision or those of plain water, eventually through a catalyst called years, a part of life, become soft, mellow, long aftertaste. Fortunately, we are all great forgetfulness human beings, to be in the premise of knowing the ultimate outcome still plays the spotlight of youth, not unhappy, tinkling se, hard to find the vast world, in order to fill the wretched life. From this point of view, the photographer can be regarded as a relatively happy group: because they are not carrying a head in combat. Therefore, the discovery of a better chance will be relatively large. In the photographer’s belongings, in addition to the natural, there are a series of "head", namely: telephoto, wide-angle, focus, fisheye etc.. They follow the natural head of command, from dawn to dusk, wanton looking for mundane in the eyes of others, and then use a variety of "head", listen to the voice of the heart, to create a variety of images full of personality, to share with others and through various channels, and even write some words such as "how to take a journey beautiful portrait" something like this. Unfortunately, this article in the list of a pile of skills, often give a particularly popular conclusion: to take the United States, you have to have a beautiful model ah. In other words, it is very important for a photographer to have a beautiful or distinctive distinctive existence. Fujian beach, everyone refers to Xiapu. These years, Xiapu has become a spokesperson, perhaps between changqiangduanbao. Unfortunately, if you want to take Xiapu to take a prize horse god horse, or break it. It is said that the festival has not received the Xiapu photography contest map. Because, as long as the season is right, the time is right, everyone can be a large children, and – similar. So, hidden in the telephoto, wide-angle fisheye lens, focal length, behind the "head" is the most important. Have a pair of eye, can seckill millions of equipment! Say a lot after the grand launch of today’s protagonist, thus the weight of the high level, words must cloud Xiapu Keguan please come to see, this little-known Yundang have you never imagined stunning. Say, see small Yundang accident events. On that day, we are going to the laver aquaculture beach, because the arrival time is wrong, resulting in the hands completely not high. On the way back to the summit, Taimushan Town, red day. The light faded, dipped under the beach sparkling, the boat ran aground and deflated nets echo each other, as if a pair of lovers not heating, face burnout. We have felt very beautiful, but this is just a prelude. The car along the coastline along the roadside grass, vigorous bubbling back view huminghuan. I don’t know who called,.相关的主题文章: