Lufeng car eleven huge benefit show detonated Guangzhou 下北glory days

Lufeng car eleven huge benefit show detonated Guangzhou eleven coming, a small holiday trip for you to do? Of course, during this period, Guangzhou’s eleven auto show also scheduled to! Enjoy the luxury car, see supermodel, enjoy preferential, wonderful, show the same topic, the eleven Guangzhou auto show Dahua breeze pour fully detonated the ultra luxury lineup, with preferential price unexpected, to bring you a different car city feast! Dream SUV Landwind X7 Landwind X7 not only show half purchase tax stylish and affordable pricing in line with the needs of young people, it is also one of the highlights of rich configuration. Interior design is fully integrated with their own design style, simple, dynamic sense of three-dimensional sense of control is very strong. The whole system comes standard with 10.2 inch touch screen, than many independent manufacturers a lot of desire.   city walk gentleman X5 Landwind PLUS tax free X5 Landwind PLUS is Lufeng car earlier this year launched a new car, this car is a new vehicle to upgrade to X5 Landwind, science and technology have more comfortable, more performance in the interior configuration, upgrade at the same time does not increase the price, thus among the price list.   full field XUV X8 Landwind X8 Landwind off-road flagship purchase tax reduction function, its whole system comes standard with differential lock, superior off-road performance vehicle with plenty of power, comfortable driving space, deep off-road enthusiasts.   some brand is different from the concept of speculation, the Landwind cars carry all models of huge benefits all participate in the activities of various models, there is always a right for you. During the show car can also enjoy special approval from the general manager of red envelopes, Lufeng car at the Guangzhou international procurement center 1 floor No. 26 booth waiting for you! Guangzhou Dahua Landwind automobile 4S shop 24 hours service hotline: 400-8798-736 address: Guangzhou Tianhe District Tianyuan Road No. 767 car market Landwind automobile 4S shop相关的主题文章: