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How to choose a turbine powered sedan   value;     automotive industry have a saying: "no matter how the current market situation," the golden nine silvers ten ‘always keep up." "Golden nine silver ten" seems to have become the universal language of the annual car sales season, so that each to the end of August or even earlier, each link of the automobile industry chain has begun promoting production, eager for a fight, inventory, to prepare for the golden nine silver ten.         so this period of the new car market, the show has more than usual, the dealer level is more active, various promotions, efforts are year-round sales of hitherto unknown, after all, rely on the two months of sales impact, missed the sales data of the year it is not supposed to.         and for the majority of consumers, is to buy the most cost-effective means of the period of the year came, this time to buy a car will save a lot of money". When to solve the problem of buying a car, then the car is the question of what. Needless to say, of course, the selection of cost-effective, the kind of the most value, and this is the most common concept of consumption, who do not want to spend money on the value of money ah?         we take the people most concerned about, the demand is also the most exuberant A-class car market, how many brands dotted, choose a value of the car? Spend the same money, of course is the first choice of turbine powered         compact cars, if the self suction power, 1.6L as the benchmark power, then 1.4T is the benchmark power turbine models, in addition to Fei Xiang, the new Cruze, Lavida, Hideo, Teng and other popular speed a compact car also equipped with 1.4T power, and even some compact SUV has a 1.4T as their high configuration models such as power, angkola, free man etc..         it can be said that Volkswagen’s EA211 1.4TSI engine, general purpose 1.4T-Ecotec LUJ engine and Fiat 1.4T-Jet engine assembled the most compact models on the compact market.         and the power output performance, Fiat 1.4T-Jet engine assembly in the Philippines Xiang more excellent, can achieve the power output of the 110kW, then the general assembly is the ECOTEC 1.4T LUJ engine is a little bit lower, the output power of 103kW, and the assembly is only 96kW in Lavida body the Volkswagen EA211 1.4TSI engine.         in the process of using, Fei Xiang 1.4T engine has low to high torque, quick response, plenty of power, against the sense of strong character, apparently inherited.相关的主题文章: