Battlefield 1 in the history planted a somersault is sprayed. 霍金hawking

"Battlefield 1" in the "history" planted a somersault is sprayed. "Battlefield 1" in this month grand debut, will be moved to the stage of the game during the first World War, and with innovative ideas, battlefield and plot of outstanding characterization has won praise, but these are like "battlefield" official push special last week released a series of inappropriate remarks to ruin. The first world war never have the opportunity to become the main theme of the game industry, probably because of trench warfare, wrote in the bunker in the sight of the endless some real good, very difficult to bring the interest of the media. In contrast, game producers generally favoured the theme of World War II, the war with a difference in you can "skirmishes experience in the French countryside brothers", in the "Medal of Honor:" feel the joint attacks Normandy landing, and in the "2" sniper elite for Hitler burst eggs. "Battlefield 1" as a war Centennial, people began to turn to the first world war. In 2014 the "brave heart: the great war" is a cartoon style and serious works, content and BBC drama "birdsong" like the show, and in wartime inner misfortune depicted pressure. Battlefield 1 is a more intuitive way to make you a soldier on the battlefield in France, Italy and the middle east. "Battlefield 1" campaign to clear, but the key is a multiplayer game, support 64 people at the game, game player can play infantry, cavalry, tank driver and biplane fighter pilots, or use pigeons call artillery to the enemy ground attack. In such a serious theme, developers DICE understand that they need to take seriously the facts. "Battlefield 1" senior game producer Aleksander Gr? Ndal told Vice in an interview on September: "a war is an important point in western history, if we can encourage people to explore the history of this period can be said that this in itself is success." This attitude was destroyed by a series of inappropriate remarks released last week by the official twitter. One tweet show with a spray gun to massacre the enemy picture, and with the "content" when you in the club hot words, and "justWWIthings (Battle of Fan Er)" topic labels. Another is the sppielberg format pictures, a group of combat squad standing in the fall of the explosion led zeppelin, with the words: "when you see a bunch of team scores." "Battlefield 1" view of history is not the worst mistake spray serious historical attitude and soon raged back, some game player use the same topic labels, they match with the history of real war photos, in order to express dissatisfaction with the "battlefield". Eventually the publisher EA had to apologize and said: "there is no respect for the history of World War II, and the sensitivity of the future, we will ensure that the right speech." The game is defined by the rules, but also by the theme of the story. There is not much difference between the battlefield 1 and the group’s football game, which also includes the offensive and defensive sides, in order to score battle. The problem may lie in the particularity of the former theme. Like.相关的主题文章: