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This problem caused by Japan attaches great importance to China more serious financial Sohu – according to foreign media reports, the "death from overwork", Japan has long been associated with intense work together in culture, Japanese companies have always stressed the importance of working overtime. For the first time, the Japanese government’s statistics show how bad the problem is, and now the Japanese government is taking it seriously. "Death from overwork" 2016 white paper (directory) MHLW released a white paper in October 7th, the Japanese society to work overtime and influence are introduced. The Japanese Ministry of health survey for 1 enterprises, 20 thousand workers were. Survey results show that nearly 23% of the average monthly overtime of more than 80 hours. Of these, 11.9% said they had more than 100 hours of overtime per month. The white paper said, the Japanese Ministry of health "death from overwork" standards for more than 80 hours of overtime a month. More than 1/4 of employees working overtime for more than 100 hours are in IT and communications. Academic, postal and transportation conditions are not good. Japan’s awareness of the rights of workers is generally improved. In 2014, according to the law, a law aimed at preventing the death of overwork was put into effect, but "karoshi" is still a huge social problem. According to the Reuters, "karoshi" also includes deaths from suicide and cardiovascular disease caused by overwork. Mother Takahashi Yukimi Takahashi Jasmine death from overwork held a press conference the Japanese Ministry of health data show that as of the end of March 2015, because of "death from overwork" on the death of enterprise employees and their families compensation for a new record. A large, low-cost chain restaurant in Japan, which allowed employees to form a trade union in 2008 after a suicide. In 2015, a court settlement reached between the families of employees and the company. In addition to the Japanese "Asahi Shimbun" reported that Japan’s largest advertising enterprises "Dentsu" work of young female staff Takahashi, 1 years into the company for a long time and heavy labor Dutch act. Takahashi graduated from University of Tokyo last April into the work of Dentsu, responsible for network media advertising. She worked overtime between October and November last year to reach 105 hours, resulting in mental endurance to reach the limit after the spirit of the problem, last Christmas in the company employee dormitory suicide. Prior to this, the company also had a male employee over the work of suicide. Although the "death from overwork" which is one of the modern special disease comes from Japan, now, Chinese has surpassed Japan to become "death from overwork" power, Chinese mainland workers to work under pressure, ranked first in the world. The results of the investigation of the internationally renowned institutions, the enormous pressure of work led to the death toll of 600 thousand people per year. And before the National Day holiday has not yet ended, the founder of the spring rain doctor Zhang Rui died due to myocardial infarction caused great concern. The founder of the domestic mobile medical industry leader, but at the best age because of the death of the disease. With the development of economy, the phenomenon of "karoshi" is becoming more and more.相关的主题文章: