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Frost season Wuhan temporarily and missed the   cream; the temperature will continue to fall – Hubei Channel – original title: Wuhan temporary frost season and frost missed the newspaper news (reporter Fu Ying) into the frost solar term today, although Wuhan has occasionally floated a little rain, but still with no cream, if you want to play cream after the purple Caitai, would have to wait. In the twenty-four solar term, frost is the last solar term belongs to autumn. The frost did not fall from the sky, but the night temperature dropped to 0 degrees Celsius, the ground water vapor in the air condenses cream. Look at the Wuhan nearly a hundred years of meteorological data, not a day in late October minimum temperature below 0 DEG C, the temperature dropped to 2 degrees below the day, only in October 28, 1966, October 29, 1978 and October 29, 1986 for three days, and in early November the minimum temperature below 0 degrees Celsius days, only one day in November 8, 1912. It is not difficult to see that Wuhan want to encounter the first frost frost in the solar term, is basically impossible. Today, the three day, Wuhan is mainly cloudy, will drift a little rain, the temperature continues to decline, the maximum temperature will fall to 20 degrees celsius. Meteorological science experts said, is a cool autumn frost solar term stage most notably, saying "the dew is not cold, frost changed day". After entering the "solar term of cold air activities, will become more and more frequent, sooner or later the chill is especially strong, if we blindly" autumn aspic ", may cause colds, bronchitis and other diseases, please pay attention to clothing plus Tim was to prevent the common cold. It is estimated that there is a slight rain in the daytime cloudy day in Wuhan, the temperature is 17 -21, the humidity is 60-95%, the northerly wind is from 3 to 4, and the gust is 5. From tonight to tomorrow, there will be occasional light rain during the daytime. The temperature will be 15 -20, and the northerly winds will change from 3 to 4 to 3. From tomorrow evening to the day after tomorrow, there will be a slight rain in the daytime. The temperature is 16 degrees centigrade, 19 degrees centigrade, and the northerly wind is between 2 and 3. (Zhou Tian, commissioning editor Zhang Jun) 霜降时节武汉暂与霜无缘 气温将继续下跌–湖北频道–人民网 原标题:霜降时节武汉暂与霜无缘   本报讯(记者符樱) 今天进入霜降节气,虽然武汉最近偶尔会飘点小雨,但暂时还与霜无缘,大家如果想吃打霜后的红菜薹,还要再等一等。   在农历二十四个节气中,霜降是属于秋季的最后一个节气。霜并不是天上掉下来的,而是寒夜里温度降至0℃左右,地面空气中的水汽凝结而成霜。翻看武汉近百年来的气象资料,10月下旬没有一天的最低气温跌破0℃,最低温降到2℃以下的日子,也只有1966年10月28日、1978年10月29日和1986年10月29日三天,而11月上旬最低温低于0℃的日子,仅有1912年11月8日一天。由此不难看出,武汉想在霜降节气遭遇初霜,基本是不可能的。   今起三天,武汉以阴天为主,会飘点短时小雨,气温继续下滑,最高气温会回落到20℃以内。气象科普专家表示,霜降节气是秋季降温最显著的一个阶段,俗话有“寒露不算冷,霜降变了天”的说法。进入霜降节气后,冷空气的活动会越来越频繁,早晚时分的寒意尤其浓,大家如果盲目“秋冻”,可能会引发感冒、支气管炎等疾病,请大家注意及时添衣加被,以防感冒。   预计武汉今天白天阴天有短时小雨,气温17℃-21℃,湿度60-95%,偏北风3到4级,阵风5级。今晚到明天白天阴天有短时小雨,气温15℃-20℃,偏北风3到4级转2到3级。明晚到后天白天阴天有短时小雨,气温16℃�19℃,偏北风2到3级。 (责编:周恬、张隽)相关的主题文章: