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Web-Development In the world today there can be found numerous e.merce solutions for your enterprise but Magento has quickly be.e the most popular choice for entrepreneurs and developers. This open source e.merce CMS program is considered to be the best choice to develop your online shopping site. The powerful platform with its features, themes, management techniques helps moving the online store ahead upward fast. Here Are The 5 Reasons Why You Must Use Magento For Your E.merce Website Store: – Feature Of Functioning As A Multi Site The far reach of Magento is such that using this single content management system one can manage and ac.modate more than one online business. The power of the program has made it the best choice for every Magento development .pany out there managing multiple online stores. The user friendly and strong admin panel helps in the entire managing of the stores easily and effectively. Checkout Options For Guests The checkout option for the guests is another feature which also sounds to be tiny but helps keeping numerous visitors attached with the online e.merce based store. For every online store offering a sales transaction involves users to register themselves for .peting the entire transaction. Many times this registration drives away traffic and people bounce off as they consider it to be unnecessary and tedious. When Magento is used an option is given to the visitor where he or she is not required to register and can take the option for guest checkout if they desire. As a result the conversion rate of these online stores is higher than one which does not use Magento. Friendliness of the Search Engines Everyone knows how SEO friendly Magento CMS is and hence it helps in making the entire store reach out to its potential user better and in a more effective manner. It also helps increasing the search engine ranking of these stores. Numerous Extensions Every Magento development .pany in India uses the numerous extensions provided by this platform for giving enterprises a .plete customized store. The developers love using this feature as it can rightfully display products just as one desires. The increased speedy loading time of the store is brought with the help of these amazing extensions. Retain Old Customers One of the most important challenges every entrepreneur experiences is how they can retain their old customers. This is to make sure costs are kept at the same or lower levels as no new efforts are needed for attaining new clients. Magento helps enterprises achieve this. Their strong customer account page records orders made by users and simplify the process when customers wish to reorder the same thing again. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: