350 thousand people went to Chongzhou national mourning women more than many people flying J-10 Asah yuria

350 thousand people went to Chongzhou national mourning women more than many people flying J-10 Asahi tears – Sohu military channel map information: November 18th afternoon, the J-10 female pilot Yu Xu martyrs memorial was held in Sichuan Chongzhou City Sports center. Yu Xu comrades, relatives, teachers and students of his alma mater and all sectors of society have come to pay homage to the flowers, the crowd. Xinhua news agency, Chengdu in November 19, the light is still on, the army of the souls of mulan! November 18th is the first China Air Force fighters – 10 female pilot Yu Xu martyrs "home" day, 350 thousand people across the country from all sides from spontaneous Yu Xu’s hometown of Chongzhou rushed to the city of Sichuan Province, to bid farewell to the last stage of female pilots. The 18 day at 15:20, carrying more than Asahi hearse pulled out of the ashes of martyrs Chengwenqiong Expressway Chongzhou exports to Chongzhou City Sports center. At this time, the whole two kilometers on both sides of the road was already crowded with people, they are holding up the chrysanthemum, black and white banners, holding a picture of Yu Xu, with tears to greet the people of Chongzhou good daughter home. Lingering around the blood Zhonghun Chiaki blue sky dance, Xu Xu forever in the newspaper Guoco gas." Chongzhou City Sports Center, two huge black couplet central, urn Yu Xu martyrs is the red flag covering. The hall outside, came to worship people along the road from the stadium, long queues of team extends more than 1000 meters. Too bad! Really good boy!" The 85 year old Chen Dazhen said, weeping, she walked more than 1 hours, 8 in the morning when it came to the hall and waited more than 7 hours, then to Yu Xuxian a daisy, "she summed up in one sentence: a great life, a glorious death!" "I’m here to give you a hero." 5 year old Huang Jiating eyes in tears, "she fly, wearing a white hat, and red hat…… She soared away, do not come back, my mother took me to say goodbye to her." The ranks of the memorial, a grey-haired old man, also wearing a stylish young man, a naive childish child, also on crutches aunt. Although crowded, but orderly. Chongzhou City Civil Affairs Bureau deputy director Wu Chunxue said that under the guidance of the staff, 5 people in a row, the 10 row of a group, ordered into the hall. "Even the three bow, flowers are guiding each batch of the first row of people spontaneously lead." She said. There are a number of volunteers wearing a blue vest in the scene to guide the flow of people in order to maintain order ten. 25 year old Zhang Jiao has stood at the intersection of the 6 hours, before the Communist Youth League, said the group of WeChat needs volunteers here, we have come. Yu Xu made such a big sacrifice for the country, we should be a little force." "The thought that there will be thirty thousand or forty thousand people to worship, did not expect the light 18 PM in the evening, on more than a dozen people to." Chongzhou City Public Security Bureau deputy director Yang Ya said, the hall is open 24 hours, 23 is still a "small peak flow", until late at night, still have the masses have come to. On the morning of 19, come to pay homage to the people more than yesterday. Many people came from Dujiangyan, Mianyang, Chongqing, and even further afield. A middle-aged man fatigued with the journey with tears in her eyes, put a more than 1 thousand word "mourning" Xu yu"相关的主题文章: