2000 of the new Chuanzu rewards today welcomed into a key battle actv

2000 of the new Chuanzu rewards today welcomed into a key battle in the afternoon of October 6th Beijing time 15:00, B championship the first contest in Lijiang Flying Tigers and Sichuan Annapurna between the two sides in the round, respectively, with a total score of 4 to 2 and 3 respectively compared to 2 out of Shenyang city and Yinchuan mountain sea island of Helan mountain. The world’s 10 largest peak, located in the mountains of Himalaya, Nepal, hiking enthusiasts paradise, one of the climbers aspire to the peak. Sichuan Annapurna I, a low-key to be optimistic about the team, but now in a station on the edge. The team from the boss like Annapurna Sichuan, Annapurna I between the mountains and the football team, the contact person, is a man named He Yaping investors. "He love adventure, love climbing, it seems that our team this name is because Annapurna is the highest mountain he had boarded, only this, no other meaning." Sichuan Annapurna I Club, a staff member said. Adventure and mountaineering are two of He Yaping’s hobbies, and his other hobby is football, "he is now playing football every week, playing forward, in the absence of investment clubs are also playing football every week. From the point of amateur football, he played well." Sichuan captain Gan Yingbo said Annapurna I. The Chengdu amateur football team is also active in Annapurna I, this is He Yaping’s team, with the team, He Yaping is the main players in the team, as well as the number of retired players before the Chengdu sheffey regiment, so the amateur team strength in the Chengdu amateur football circle level is very good, often participate in some amateur competitions made a lot of good results. Public data shows, in addition to Annapurna I called Sichuan football team, He Yaping has a name motorcade success in China is quite good. For the boss, whether it is the club staff, or players feel he is very low-key, he likes playing football, but never interfere with the team thing, rarely into the lounge speech. It’s just a regular meeting every Monday to get the team to understand the situation, and he doesn’t say much at every rally. Remember knockout play Ningxia team, he went into the lounge, said it was very simple, Chong a bonus doubled, 10 million yuan from the original commitment of $20 million. Our team will open the final preparations tomorrow, the boss will be able to say a few words at this time, the general mobilization of the words." Gan Yingbo said. For most people, He Yaping is very mysterious, public information is difficult to find his background, should be engaged in the trust and investment, we only know that his ID card is displayed in Shanghai." According to people familiar with the matter, at the beginning of this year, the original Sichuan lomphat investors did not want to continue in football, football in Sichuan township of the three County Chamber of Commerce (micro-blog) matchmaking, He Yaping entered the team. "Should be in the League before the start of the talk, the League played the fourth round of the official control of the team." A member of the team said. In charge of the club, He Yaping is very low-key, rarely appear in front of the media, low-key and pragmatic has become his label. The former striker Chen Tao joined the offseason Chuanzu the biggest change from capital although took over the club.相关的主题文章: