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120 billion 700 million Ma, eighth double eleven, how to let the black sheep chop hand. – not the Sohu of science and technology eighth double eleven, Ali trading rated at 120 billion 700 million yuan final price, the global retail one-day New record. Yes, eight years, double eleven is no longer a single dog at the lonely day, a carnival for consumers on the anniversary of passion. Especially in this year, with the world star double eleven party staged, no "cold food to the mouth casually plug", only many many brother sisters "left hand side of a slow motion", while the crazy hand chop buy buy buy. Undoubtedly, in the "take you to buy goods to fly with you," the theme of large-scale educational show, Ali strength restless, impetuous, impetuous heart, impetuous more rational; natural circle powder, roll powder, powder, powder more effective…… And all this explosion behind the strong support, is not to let the logistics, shouting "havoc" and "spring type congestion" brick house, wet are shut up, make buy buy buy non-stop game player who think prodigal eat soil are worth. Double eleven hours, Ali electricity supplier Shopping Festival logistics orders up to 657 million, an increase of over 40%, apparently, the formation of the national logistics system is not a small pressure on the. Previously, Ma had predicted that the Internet has no boundaries, will detonate the future upside down for 30 years, is bound to have online and offline integration of new retail logistics ", undoubtedly, in this new format, online and offline retail scene is" flesh "; in reality, finished goods turnover of the logistics is" "if the skeletal development, no improvement of the logistics, the new retail" body "will not continue to rush. Therefore, they must release their game player logistics field force, to take the double eleven, let the consumer pleasure to chop hands, then, not to be abandoned by businesses, "new retail" to give up. Undoubtedly, this will test the tact, in the pass, SF and other logistics enterprises (Lanshou), transfer (transport), transport (transport), sent (send pieces) of the foundation, to be more "allies" rookie network, provide large data "arms", the depth of collaborative logistics process, with the posture, only can the buyers do not suffer, not their involvement. Big data delicate work with internet prophet Kevin. Kelly said: "the Internet era, all business is business data". This is particularly suitable for logistics, because it is used to disperse the capacity to match the discrete freight demand, data operations essential. Before, the domestic logistics industry barbaric growth, logistics companies are busy staking, regardless of their own business will even have some digital standards, no data management more efficient, can not do the depth of all aspects of the optimization of logistics, so that the whole industry relies on human like stack, "with a long talent no, man, just paste", so it is difficult to improve the efficiency of the industry, the cost is difficult to fall. Until 2013, the establishment of Alibaba led by rookie network, it using the data with the help of the logistics enterprise collaborative operation, will be the first domestic Township County set up four level address encoding data, complete library, and thus the creation of electronic surface standard single, which, in turn, in the logistics相关的主题文章: