The mouth, passes good oral, physical health. Recently in the United States and the United Kingdom, cleaning teeth and food became very popular, not only substantial teeth, but also good for oral health. United States a cosmetic dentistry dental care center physician Dr kairuisamu·zhadi summarizes the 10 natural cleaning teeth for you food.

Strawberry: strong teeth, and which may also contain bleaching and teeth cleaning ingredients, is useful for get rid of chagou and coffee scum on the surface of the teeth. So, after dinner don’t forget to eat some strawberries.

Broccoli: it can be used as “scrub” teeth whitening. At the same time, cauliflower can stimulate the production of saliva, can help prevent the formation of plaque.

Watermelon: two cups of watermelon juice could supplement the body’s daily required vitamin c 25%. Vitamin c for teeth and gum health is critical, it helps the absorption of iron, but also have antioxidant to prevent “free radical” elements of lead oxide tooth aging. Studies have shown that eating food with high content of vitamin c, the probability of suffering from gum disease is reduced.

Orange: Orange, vitamin c also promotes dental and gingival health, fiber can also make teeth plaque off of them.

Apple: chewing apples can stimulate saliva of oral secretions, clean and strong teeth, can also reduce the absorption of sugar in the body.

Dark vegetables: dark green leaf vegetables rich in beta carotene, which can be converted into vitamin a, helps keep gums firm.

Dairy products: studies suggest that protein in yogurt can be attached to the teeth, thereby protecting them from harmful acid attacks to enhance dental health. In addition, chewing hard cheeses can promote saliva, to remove food particles.

Beans: these foods can “clean” the mouth, stimulating saliva production.

Grape: cleaning enzyme – of Malic acid in grape, will make teeth bright and white.

Water: water can reduce fouling in the mouth, people from the pain of tooth erosion, making long-term substantial teeth. Usually have to do dinner, SIP a small amount of water and gargling after meals.

Spring how coup colds, flu medicine. Spring arrives, resurrection, vibrant, but also a variety of bacteria, germs, active period. Combined with the cold weather, it’s easy to suffer from colds. So, how to prevent cold spring climate variability? after suffering from colds and how to treat it? the following small part to believe about traditional Chinese medicine recommend the small coup to fight colds:

1, nursing a good nose, mouth, and benefit other people

Cold flu virus is mainly spread through droplets, which is through the mouth and nose into. Therefore, wear a mask to effectively protect themselves from viruses at the same time, for people already having contracted a cold, wear a mask to prevent the cold spell to further their own excitement, to prevent viruses from the Sarah Connor Chronicles, is a great way to kill two birds.

2, often physical, don’t get sick

Prevent colds in winter, several points in addition to the above said, we could also use some external therapies like massage is a good choice. This massage is not a professional massage but with our two hands rubbing the Palm, palms hot massage after some susceptible parts of the body. Both sides of the nose, cheeks, ears, and so on. Through a period of massage to fully prevent a cold.

3, with a hot water soak feet

On foot has a connection in various parts of the body meridians, is the second heart of the body, therefore, foot warmer body warmer. Soak the feet when more hot water, (Note: the blistered feet of people with diabetes avoid overheating is not selectable, so as not to aggravate the severity) foam 15-20 minutes. In a bubble when you can, it is best to massage the feet, can promote blood circulation, prevent cold.

4, salt water gargle

Earlier, we mentioned a cold germs enter the body through the nose and mouth. Therefore, we can be at home every day, with a light salt water to rinse to remove large numbers of bacteria in the mouth, and is a very effective method of prevention. Of course, if it wasn’t for light salt water, gargle with water can also protect us against invasion. Note: her face, mouth rinse water in the mouth, pharynx and saline full flush, this works best.

5, integrated prevention: Nasal Wash VS wash

Nasal Wash method: to clean warm water per dollar is not quality of iodized salt, concentration of 0.9%. Usually with 4.5 grams of salt per dollar 500 ml warm water. Poured into a special nasal wash, nasal washing pots, wash separately on either side of the nostrils, up until no foreign body of nasal cavity. This can be repeated a number of times, to keep the nasal cavity without excessive secretions.

Washing method: lather regular SOAP or antibacterial soap, rub your hands all parts. And then to flow not cycle using water to clean his hands.

6, vaccine-preventable

Inactivated vaccines: a better effect, vaccinations for children, the elderly, patients with serious chronic diseases, low immunity and may be in close contact with the staff; vaccination time is mid-October-November every year, annual vaccination 1, 2 weeks to produce effective antibodies. Disable the following conditions: allergies to eggs; patients with acute infectious diseases, mental illness, early pregnancy, infants under 6 months of age.

7, cutting off routes of transmission

1, during avoided gatherings or group recreational activities, young and old sick less susceptible to public places, pay attention to ventilation and, if necessary, disinfection of public places.

2, health care personnel hand washing, wearing a mask, preventing cross infection.

3, appliances, and secretions of patients with complete disinfection.





Need to know to exercise common sense
Best exercise time fixed
Exercise at a time as possible in the same time, so that you develop good habits, and helps the body form a conditioned reflex of visceral organs. An hour and an hour before going to bed after dinner can’t exercise, otherwise it will affect digestion and sleep. Physical best time usually between 15:00-20:00, can be considered as a major exercise time.
Exercise time to fit
Novice and the peacetime labor to the greater to three times a week, 1–1.5 hours at a time, but each muscle group exercise muscle parts should be included. Daily exercise, muscles can be divided into two sections, previous day exercise to ensure muscle effectively restored. Today the practice of shoulder, belly, chest, exercise tomorrow back, arms, legs and other parts.
Load weight according to their physical and
In General, well-developed muscle mass effectively is the number of 8-12 times, at least no less than 8 times, this number should be the best. Loads should be controlled by the 70% per cent of the maximum strength of individuals, that is, with this load is the number of the most effective with a large load of no more than 5 times. Development stamina and reduce the amount of fat is the most effective number of small load do it 20 times, lumbar and abdominal fat reduced even to do done fixed so far.
Every movement you want exercise groups
Each exercise actions needed to practice several groups, which is stimulating muscles in order to enter State, muscle volume increases. General major muscle groups exercise groups can more, smaller muscle groups can be less. Beginners every action in three groups, at least two groups, again based on force after a certain base level of growth to increase from three to five groups.
Rest time not too long
Rest period between each practice group should not be too long, generally 40 seconds between-50 seconds, heavy load, high-intensity exercise and rest should not exceed 15 minutes. Rest time is too long will affect the target areas.
Master the correct breathing method
Correct breathing methods can help you concentrate the mind, motor coordination, can lift more weight in the exercise. General movements and small weights illustrate, are breathing, muscle contraction, relaxing breath by a restore. High weight or when the last nuclear test, the first deep breath, then choke cases do give-and-drop action, and then take a deep breath. Exercise with your mouth while breathing, do stretching exercises before exercises to prevent muscle ligament injury, relaxation exercise to do training, helping to eliminate muscle tension, recovery from fatigue.

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